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Congratulations to You!!!

For taking the First step to start an Online Business. It’s the best time ever to start an Online Business even if you have no business skills or technical skills. [ The only condition keep reading blogs related to your business, take actions, make mistakes, learn from them, improve and keep repeating…]


You deserve credit…    

You are not one of those guys who dropped out after committing to start an Online Business.

You are not saying to yourself these excuses.

  • I am Busy [No time]
  • I have other commitments [a family/ a Job/ Academics]
  • What if I fail?
  • No maybe next time, next year, [let me understand startups better and explore and study in detail what is the best way to start]
  • I have seen people and very close ones struggled to make any money online

Good to you that you have overcome all the above excuses and believed in your abilities to take the startup ride.

Before further reading:

I hope you are also clear on the following as we start looking in to what Online Business to start in 2017 to be highly successful as a Beginner/Newbie.

who am I

  • Your Purpose of Starting up Online Business
  • You selected Profitable Business Idea
  • You have a very clear Frame of Mind
  • You have put some time to Know Yourself Better

“You only need to know yourself better and rest will follow.”

Do not worry at this moment about above-mentioned things I will tell How to know ‘you’ better in this blog.

This is for you fresh graduates, mompreneurs and frustrated employees and small business owners seeking great careers, innovative minds dreaming of building great businesses.

College Students: Who are in search of a great career, dreaming of starting up an innovative product Startup. Simply work on your own terms and earn a living without actually landing in a corporate world.

Frustrated employees: Who wants to skip 9-5 job, start a side business for extra income, quit a job to start up. Want to spend time and money flexible at will.

For Mompreneurs: Who is looking for an identity, side income, support family, start a hobby business for the sole reason to time pass or if they want to justify their professional education degree.

Online Money Making Folks and Small Business Owners: Want to hang out here on the blog for some simple marketing, content and business insights.

How I will keep my Promise:

I have started this blog to share all my startup experiences and business insights with an initiative of experimenting with profitable Business Ideas with the main focus of generating money within 6 months by working smartly.

I will show you over the course of time how am I doing. [I am neither an expert nor putting full time for these experiments. I have same commitments as you have (a young family, 6 months old kid and a big Product Startup commitment as a full-time co-founder) may be more than you have at this point in time]

I will keep a very tight budget:

An initial investment of not greater than Rs.10000. [web site setup, hosting, design and business mail and purchase of some crucial and necessary tools]

Further investment of Rs.10000. [Paid and Free Social promotions] (only if I see any progress with my first 2 months activities)

Only 2 hours per day to work on these experiments [yes as discussed I have other commitments and I hope you are also on the same page]

My Outcome:

Benefits [Enhancing my Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and Growth Hack Skills]

Additional: building a community, meeting great people and more importantly self-satisfaction of experimenting with all these start-up experiments that I have in mind for so many years.

I only focus on Profitable Online Business Ideas:

I have 5 years of startup experience and mainly into Product start-up. Failed twice and doing well with some other Businesses.

Now, the real deal is I will start 4 Online Businesses and my co-founder will work on 2 other profitable Business Ideas.

I will share all my learnings, knowledge, business insights over here.

Note: for some the profitable ideas will be different according to their interests and knowledge. [I believe the list below is a good one considering the average pulse of normal persons like me]


The Profitable Business Ideas of 2017:

  • Blogging as Business
  • Consultancy
  • Online Training
  • Personal experiences Blog
  • An e-commerce site (selling your own digital products, personalized gifts or other handmade or art products)
  • Selling Your Expertise Online (Videos, Guides, E-books, On Demand Course Offers )


My purpose of Writing about Online Businesses, Startup Guidance, and skills to develop to be successful Internet Entrepreneur is:

I have failed big time in two startups and doing well with other business and now bootstrapping the third product start-up.

Over the years I have seen many ups and downs as I only focused on Product startups that you very rarely find in the Successful Business list. [All over the world most of the business as a fact 90% will fail but I bet the statistics is even worse for product start-ups]

But still my heart says go for Product startup:

Simple Reason: A product start-up experience is very different that a founder can only feel.

For me, it is to satisfy the entrepreneur in me.

The flip side of the same Coin:

But the reality is paying bills is equally important. So I have taken a different approach in recent years to start an online business that fetches Rs.50K to 1 Lakh per month.

You can always focus on product startup second time around with more confidence [when you have regular side income for paying bills and for Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan]

 As Mark Cuban says

” It doesn’t matter how many times you have Failed. You only have to be Right Once”


The quote from Self Made Billionaire Mark Cuban drives me to invest my time in Product Startups.

After all, there are only 500 fortune companies, few thousands of million dollar companies and very few unicorns in India.

And you have over millions of small business who are doing well. [Some making money for living, some living luxury life]


Can you succeed in Internet Business space what you started?

You may fail, you may succeed but you will learn life lessons that no other Business degree or an expert or a mentor will preach you.

Many startups struggle to find a way to success.

I know, because I’ve been there. I was pathetic as a business decision execute, the kind who almost always missed his deadlines.

Now, I know better.

I want you to avoid all my mistakes that I regularly share on this blog.

From my experiences I have seen when you have a freedom of paying bills.

When you have People support both professionally and personally you will have great thoughts, great business enthusiasm will surround you to move forward in life and peace of mind.

You will slowly develop a habit of giving back, sharing knowledge comes at ease and you will meet people for life.

So, take that one big first step now. It’s never late and does not look back after a couple of years regretting not taking this Startup path you love. Attempt to gain initial financial support, learn skills and confidence to make it big the second time, third time and if not nth time.

I want people to make this world better place. Create more opportunities for them and for others.

Here is my next step:

These 4 start-up experiments I am doing for the next 6 months will help you to start your own online business from scratch with [no investment] minimum investment and less time. I will share all my experience and business insights with you on this blog.

Some pointers you can start exploring as a budding Online Business Entrepreneur:

The Ultimate Step-by-step Guide to Successful Online Business Startup.
Starting Up or First Job: The 40 Free Business Tools Used by Top Companies and Professionals.

Thank You For Being Here

I am sure you can learn all important business and startup skills from my blog and I wish you to start learning and implementing the new age digital and internet skills that I will discuss in this blog.

I would love to know more about you, your passions, your dreams and what are your plans to achieve your career goals and dreams.


Any question? Mail me your details. I will be more than happy to assist you.


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I respond to emails, so get in touch and let me know what you’d like to see more of here or if you’ve found a typo or a mistake.

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