9 Best Skills to Learn to Make Money Online


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I have listed 9 best skills that make money online and how to learn these best skills to make money on your own in this blog post. [Pull up your socks and learn these skills to make your online business dream a reality]

In this blog post, you will see me talking about...

  1. The best skills to learn to make money online.
  2. Why the suggested skills are important and why you need to learn these skills fast?
  3. How you can learn these most profitable skills on your own for free
  4. The best resources for advanced learnings if you are serious about making money online.
  5. Free online courses links included which will enhance your skills to learn to make money


If You have gone through several considerations to start an online business to generate passive income online.

You might have many questions to answer to yourself.

But, the following three questions might hit you hard...

How to pay my bills? If I quit my job. [or if you do not consider taking a job]

Will I be able to make money online?

If so, how fast I can generate money online?

Valid questions


The truth is as an online entrepreneur you have to do multiple jobs - you have to generate ideas, execute plans, develop the product, find customers, penetrate the market, provide support and so many others to be successful online.

Multiple jobs require multiple Money Making Skills to learn on your own.


How you learn these skills fast and implement in your online business on the go will determine the time (money in your bank account)  [a.k.a, your online business success]

9 Best Skills You Must Learn to Make Money

  1. Content Writing Skill [Create valuable content for customers]

  2. Copywriting Skill [Website copy/email copy/ad copy]

  3. KeyWord Research Skill [About customers/competitors]

  4. WordPress [To build your internet hub aka blog]

  5. Basic Design Skill [Photoshop or knowledge of design tools such as Canva]

  6. Facebook Marketing and Search Engine Marketing [Google Adwords]

  7. Email Marketing [Email automation]

  8. Video Marketing [Webinar, Facebook Live, YouTube]

  9. SEO Skill - Driving Traffic to website/blog organically without spending money

#1 How to learn content writing skill and overcome the fear of writing

Let's here from the top internet marketers on the importance of Content Writing skill.


Your Content is your website...

“The content of your website is the most important factor in your website’s existence. To be blunt, your content Is your website.”

Neil Patel //  Kissmetrics


Content is the soul of your website...

“Content is the very soul of your website/blog.”

Sonja Jefferson  //  Content Creator

What Content you have to master to excel online?

3 major Content types you will find in Online business:
  1. Content Curation [you will curate the best content from the web]
  2. Content development from your experience [Write from your own experience]
  3. Creative Content on Youtube [Entertainment, Fiction, and Storytelling]



What If you find difficult in writing content?


What to do if you want to improve your content writing skills?


All you need to do is go and find a place in your living room and write some content. The more you practice, the better you’ll be.


Keep your Ideas flow on to a word document. (I use Google drive - helpful as a backup)

  • Write answers on Facebook closed groups on the topics you know. [helps you to connect with your readers and influencers]
  • Write answers on Quora [helpful to drive traffic and social presence]
  • Make a habit of writing 500 words (this is a random number) every day on your interests, hobbies, experiences or whatever comes to your mind without worrying about grammar or spelling.

How you can improve writing content by reading other blogs and following influencers in your industry.

  • Read what other bloggers are writing and how they are writing content. 
  • Sign up and read emails of industry influencers and emails of your niche bloggers 
  • Follow and practice what influencer share on social media (inspirational posts)


Do Reading and Writing Costs you? [Except your time it costs nothing - I believe the time is the only investment you can afford when you are starting a side business for passive income]

How You Can Overcome the fear of Writing [learn on your own]

The exact steps that I practiced to overcome my fear of Writing with Quora:

I picked a question every day on Quora where I can contribute from my startup experience.

This helped me to write without fear and Quora also helped me to write on people’s problems, it gave me immediate results in the form of followers, upvotes, and viewership, initial blog traffic [Whenever I saw the notification of someone liked my answers I got motivated and energy to write more]


Tips: Now, I use these written answers to rewrite on other platforms such as Medium, Tumblr, WordPress.com. I am also trying to write guest posts around these answers to outreach bloggers and influencers. [Will help you in SEO]


Here is a snapshot of My Quora Profile numbers from last 30 days.


And all time stats (I started writing on Quora in Sep 2017)


My 6 months regular activities to learn content writing.

I started reading blogs in my niche. Sometimes I used to read the same article 5 times. Each time as I read the same article I got free insights that bloggers share and I noted down how to write, what words to use, how they connect each paragraph, how they write titles, how they sell stories etc...

I also signed up for more than 50 influencers in my industry and also several other influencers from other niches. I read their newsletters, every email and make a note on how influencers send a sequence of emails and connect with us.

One thing I did was while travelling (I used to travel frequently to my hometown - travel time 6 hours) carried a notebook and used to write short articles (300 to 500 words) on topics that came to my mind.

My Results

  • I now have more than 200 small articles on 10 major topics. (I may not publish all the articles that I wrote but the habit of writing gave me the confidence to write and come out of the shell that I can not write)
  • With this what I achieved is to write well (my fear of writing) I used to take 20-30 minutes to write an email to my managers at my corporate job. Even now I take more time but I have seen improvements in the quality of writing that I had now and when I first started.

Do you agree with me?

  1. Who cares what you write when you do not share your writings with others [In future I might refine and post my short articles on this blog]
  2. For a Blogger you can modify and rewrite your blog post (This was cool)
  3. I used to write without thinking of grammar and spelling
  4. Once my draft is ready I will read aloud and make necessary changes. This might take 2-4 iterations and the final draft will be published.


I am an introvert and the only thing that I can share my views is through writing. So, if this the same case with you why you do not take this wonderful opportunity [who knows how much time you have taken to write the blog post]

People see the end result so I have taken long hours to write articles. It took me 2 months to write one article in the early days (3000 words articles)

So, keep writing to overcome your fear of writing blog posts…

The outcome of Writing Content  Everyday: 

Writing every day to overcome the fear of writing will bring better results (when you compare with you to the person you are a few months back to the person you are now)

Using Quora or any other platform that is comfortable for you will help to drive traffic organically.

Content is the soul of your online business. So, writing content from your heart and experiences will help to connect with your audience and thus bring you success (money in the bank).

#2 How to do Keyword Research without investing in any paid tool like a pro.

"What's the #1 thing you do when you want to buy something or when you want to know something?"

You go to Google and type your questions or queries.

For example: if you are planning to buy a smartphone you type “best android smartphones”

Or “how to make a birthday cake at home” (if you are planning to make a cake for your child)

These questions/queries are called keywords (search queries you type on Google)

If you are looking to make money online fast identifying the right keywords that your ‘user’ type on Google is the first thing you need to master.

Ideally, you will require a couple of months to master the art of finding perfect keywords.

I may write an exclusive blog post on Keyword research in future but for the purpose of this post let's keep it simple and give you starting information so that you can learn, practice and master on your own.

To make keyword research simple I have listed out the best way (and free) to start practicing keyword research skill on your own with Free Tools:

7 Free Keyword Research Tools to explore and learn Keyword Research for SEO when you are on a budget

  • Google - Google suggestions on what people searching, so make use of it - you get an idea of what is being searched similar to your query
  • Keyword Everywhere - Volume search and competition finding is the key - You know how many people are searching for the month for the similar keywords so that you can target them. (searches of at least 500 will be ok to target)
  • Ubersuggest and KeywordTool.io [keyword suggestions - you may come up with some great ideas and what to write on the blog topic] You get an idea of what other topics or related topics you can write
  • Answer The Public  (Find all questions of your readers) - what all the questions users ask - you can plan answering them in your post
  • Quora - Best place to search for what problems people are facing related to your niche - get content ideas and what to write in your blog
  • LSI Keywords - Find Long tail keywords and similar phrases that your users might type in Google. Best for SEO purpose without being spammy.

How to learn Keyword Research on your own [with Free Tools]


For example, you want to write an article on “hosting services”

Your Keyword Research Process explained in 7 simple steps:

Decide on what you want to write (informative article or review article or you want to suggest best hosting to your readers) from your experience.

Let’s suppose you decided to write on best hosting services based on your own experience.

Step1: Write Draft without worrying about anything (your initial thoughts)

First thing first write bullet points, what comes to your mind - at least 10 points.

Write about any problems that you think useful to your readers from your experiences.

If you have any starting questions put it on paper.

Now your first bare-minimum draft is ready on “hosting services” topic.


Pick a seed keyword [i.e hosting services is our seed keyword]

Write down how many different ways you will type in Google [at least 5 different ways]

For example, best-hosting services/top hosting services/cheap hosting services/best website hosting/hosting price/which is the best hosting service


Step2: Find the keyword Ideas with UberSuggest

Hop on to UberSuggest:

Get some ideas by typing your initial seed keyword to get unique and potent keyword ideas.

Pick any 20 keywords that will help your readers.

You have to identify the keywords that your users are typing on Google [with Ubersuggest you can do it using Filter option on the left side as shown in the figure]

With UberSuggest you will find not less than 20 different ideas that you can include in the blog post which you did not think in the first place.

Now, sort out at least 10 keywords and include in subtopics as part of your blog post.

Ex: I have focused on writing on “hosting services” our seed keyword but found ‘hosting providers’ more suitable as it is more searchable on Google than our chosen seed keyword Hosting Services.

[Best hosting service has 540 monthly searches and best hosting providers  has 720 monthly searches]



You can get more keyword ideas with KeywordTool.io

If you can explore keyword tool using location filter with a combination of keyword suggestions, questions and prepositions you can find more questions that people ask on the internet [Google, Youtube and Bing search results]

Explore Keywordtool.io and UberSuggest Free tools and share with me your experience and results.

Step 3: Type in Google and wait and watch for the Google to suggest on what people search online.

I have typed “hosting providers” and did not press enter key so that Google will show me other queries that people type on Google (see the image below) [remember we have found that hosting providers has more search than our seed keyword “hosting services”]


Also, look at the bottom of the page


You can see that “best web hosting for small business” has 1600 search volume for a month and best hosting for WordPress has 1300 search volume. [You can include both of these long phrase keywords in your blog and write related info]

By the way...

I have installed Keyword Everywhere Chrome extension to my browser. (This is the reason you see search volume stats on the right side)

Get Keywords Everywhere using this link for free. 

Step 4: Find Search volume using Keyword Everywhere Extension

You can also find the search volume of few more similar keywords that people search on Google on the right side of your screen as shown in the below image using Keywords Everywhere chrome extension tool 


With this, you will find a great keyword list that your users type in Google and on the Internet along with the search volume.

Tip: Pick keywords that have decent search volume (close to 1000 searches per month) If you pick keywords with more searches (more than 3000) than you have to face tough competition with competitors who might have more time, money and all the resources to rank for that particular keyword.

Step 5: Next go to AnswerThePublic to find out what your readers' pain points are:

Find out keywords that you might think worth and include in your blog post or keywords related to your audience pain points (this time find what question types do people search using AnswerThePublic tool)

AnswerThePublic will give you all the question type keywords that people search for on the Internet as shown below.


If you have installed Keywords Everywhere chrome extension you will also see the search volume based on the question type keywords.


Use the questions with decent search volume for content planning and inspiration in your writing.


Step 6: Head over to Quora 

and type your seed keyword “Hosting Services” in the search bar. (I have added a prefix “best” as most of us type best, top and cheap while searching online)


You will find not less than 100 results when you prefix best/top/cheap with the seed keyword.

Now, open interested questions related to your blog post and sort out questions that you want to answer in your blog post.

From the Quora results I have noted that…

People are asking questions related to “Best Hosting with best customer support”. You may want to include this information in the blog post.

Let’s see other questions and find out what are the other information that you may include.


From the results, you can see that people are also asking for best uptime, speed, support, and pricing. (these are real problems) So include these words in keywords and write about them.

Step 7: Find long tail keywords, synonyms, and phrases with LSI Graph 

Go to LSIGraph and enter your top keywords that you sorted out using UbesrSugegst, KeyWordTool.io, Google suggestions and AnswerThePublic tools.

LSI Graph allows only 3 searches for free per day. So, take the advantage and find a completely different set of synonyms and long tail and use keywords to sprinkle in your blog post.

Note: Long tail keyword is a combination of more than 3 words that people generally type in Google. [Ex: Best WordPress Hosting Providers]

I have chosen “best WordPress hosting provider” from the list of keywords that I gathered from UberSuggest, Google search and Keywordstool.io tools.

So, my primary keyword after Keyword Research will be “best WordPress Hosting Providers” as I have found that the search volume is decent and the competition is not tough and also I have fair knowledge and experience on WordPress hosting services topic.

Let’s see what all the other similar, long tail and phrases that I can use for the Hosting providers topic in my blog post to rank better on Google.


Following is a useful keywords list that I found typing “best WordPress hosting provider”  with LSI Graph.

  1. Secure WordPress hosting solution
  2. Best WordPress hosting provider
  3. Secure WordPress website hosting
  4. Most secure hosting solution
  5. Best web hosting for WordPress
  6. Best managed WordPress hosting
  7. WordPress hosting review for business
  8. Cheap WordPress hosting
  9. WordPress hosting reviews
  10. Best WordPress hosting 2015
  11. Managed WordPress hosting
  12. Premium WordPress hosting
  13. Top 10 wordpress hosting
  14. Secure wordpress hosting provider
  15. Secure wordpress hosting company
  16. Best wordpress website hosting


With all the hard work we are good to use our sorted out keywords in a blog post as main topics, subtopics as Headlines and sprinkle keyword related words in blog post naturally.

Tip: Google is smart enough to pick all the keywords you placed naturally in the blog post and will show to your target users when they search on Google. (In other words, Google will rank you for several keywords related to Hosting services topic)

 All the above work is a tedious process rather than a complex process. So, practice and come up with your own way of Keyword Research innovation.

[I generally save Quora and AnswerThePublic results and once my complete blog post is published I answer the Quora questions, make PPT, write posts on social media to get additional traffic to my site]

So, make most of the time you spent on Keyword Research.

Before we go to the next important skill to learn to make money online on the side…

I want you to give a few powerful and useful resources to help you learn and master Keyword Research skill.

All the resources will open in new tab. So, bookmark or save the links for your later reference on Keyword Research.

Caution: Overwhelming information - consume the information slowly and implement fast

  • Read this blog post by MyThemeshop on KeyWord Research 2-4 times in next couple of weeks.
  • And another blog post by Pardeep Goyal on Keyword Research worth at least a couple of hundred dollars
  • Also read the Keyword Research starter guide by ahref

Outcome when you do Keyword Research on your own

You will have a tight budget and many things to learn and feel overwhelming at the early stage of your online money making journey. So, do not try to spend money on unnecessary tools without you being learning the basics with free keyword tools that I have shared with you.

You can absolutely practice keyword research skill with free tools and invest in paid tools once you master the art of finding keywords with the help of the 7 step process I discussed with you.

You are now able to Identify most searchable terms on Google, write content that solves user problems and find the content gap and questions of people with free tools.

#3 Search Engine Optimization Skill (SEO)

Have you ever clicked on the links of results shown on the second page of Google?

Are you like me who click on the links of first 3 results on Google and skip other results but never click on the second-page results that Google shows.

There are famous sayings in the Internet world...

“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.”


“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall

My perspective on SEO:

If you have done KW Research perfectly, SEO becomes easy to crack and most of the work done in KW Research will be helpful when you optimize blog posts for search engines like Google

Quality content you write, Keywords you place naturally in the blog post will help you in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s see Google and User perspective [A different route I am trying to tell you from my experience - You will agree with me after reading]

Google’s perspective:

Google mission is to provide relevant content about what people ask or search for.

If Google organize best content on the internet and give you relevant info Google will stay in the business otherwise they will lose to competitors. (Do you agree with me?)

So, write for people not for Google

Search Engines are for people and people want a very simple solution to their problems (pain points). So, make it easy for people by writing, designing, and optimizing content for people.

Let’s see what people (we) like to read online.

  • We love to see info on our problems not on another irrelevant topic
  • Also, people including you and me love speed [We are very busy.  It will hurt us if we see any blog where images load late and take more time to buffer a video]
  • we understand images/infographics/videos/audio better [text is boring and particularly, videos will catch our eyeballs and we keep reading and consume content easily]
  • we prefer a beautiful, plain, and simple design over complex and clustered one.
  • we want to be more professional and we trust only the best. [Reviews, testimonials, and social proofs, security, safety all counts]

This is what we as a user, in a nutshell, want (Speed and Valuable content that solves problems)

So, investing in good hosting, writing quality content, Search Engine Optimized theme (design) is a must.


Let’s see where you find good information and how you will find it online.

  1. You type on Google for a specific information when you really want to know about it. (or)
  2. You read some blogs, news and follow a few influencers on the internet. 

[This is where you come across valuable info because the people you follow when they share something you read it or want to know more about it. (Your mentor, friends, colleague, experts)

So, there are only two ways you find information one is you find the information and the other is when someone shares or likes or recommends you to read it.

As an SEO person, these are the two things we need to keep in mind.

We have to be found in Google or other search engines and also we have to produce opportunities that any of the influencer/expert or someone related to your target user follows, like or share your content.

The first one we will achieve by optimizing our content with On-page SEO technique.

When you optimize your blog post for people and for Google.

How to optimize for Google and people? 

For example: when you type “How to lose weight naturally” in Google several results show up.

One such result we will discuss here...


By providing exact information that user want… (First impression)

Here, the writer of this particular blog post came up with ‘Title, Keyword, Meta Description’ so that Google understand what he/she has written and what he wants to say to people (his target users).

(Other than the title, meta description, there are few others that you need to focus such as H1, H2, H3 tags, image alt tags, speed, etc..)

Again I am keeping this short for the purpose of this post and included useful resources and free courses to learn SEO on your own. (I strongly recommend you to read and watch free course videos shared by MOZ founder Rand Fishkin)

The Second one is

Off Page SEO - I am not going to provide a definition for Off-page SEO.

Remember… what we discussed above on the second most important factor for an SEO person to take care.


You have to first produce quality content and search or reach out to Industry influencers, internet marketers, experts, authority bloggers in your niche and publication media and then ask these people to share your content on their website/blog and social channels.

This is how you get to know to people on the internet and people will read what you write and share with their peers.

Off-Page SEO - You earn or make a relationship and Get high-quality referrals from relevant bloggers & publication media.

Why do we need to connect with fellow bloggers and influencers?

When authority people sharing your work (quality content), this gives strong signals for Google. (This is like recommendation when you want a job and someone who you know in the organization recommending you as a trustworthy person for that job role)

There are many tactics and different ways Off page is performed but the following are powerful and best ways, focus only on these three to start with and move to other ways when you grow big…

  • Guest Posting (You write a blog post on Authority blog as a guest)
  • Blog Commenting (Comment on blog posts that inspires you and add value to you)
  • Social Profiles (Sign up for top 20 social platforms and share your experience and help other people in the discussions)

Social profiles, shares, likes, and mentions about you and your work will add authenticity and will build your personal brand. And when someone shares your work (content) this will open up a connection with that particular influencer community.

Does all the above make sense?

To me, it is so, why go for hacks, and other tricks that Google hates, just write for people, optimize for Google and reach others for referral traffic through Guest posting.

If you believe in writing for people, optimizing for Google (search engines) and connecting with influencers than all the overwhelming information about SEO will disappear and you will take action and get results.

Useful resources…

Your First Reference should be

Starter Guide by Google [Read the document as many times as you want until you implement the said practices on your blog]

Some Free Courses you can join and learn SEO on your own.

Caution: Read less implement more. [As the information is overloaded with the resources I mentioned. So, find and apply what makes sense to you.]

Doing one thing the right way will help you succeed instead of focusing on too many tips and tricks.

Free SEO Resources:

  • Learn SEO from Rand of Moz -  Although this online free course is theoretical it will definitely help you to understand SEO.
  • Understand Basics and intermediate information on SEO by ahref.
  • Your beginners guide to basics on SEO by MOZ
  • Watch YouTube videos by Brian Dean (Backlinko) 
  • Google Starter Guide
  • You go through this blog post and probably read what other industry leaders say about SEO and watch the video (climb the Google Rankings video) integrated into the post where Sam gave a perfect example of how to practice right SEO as a beginner.


SEO topic Outcome:

You learned the importance of writing for people and optimizing for Google.

You also now know that you should make relationships online with authority bloggers. Quality Content is always a big Yes.


#4 How to make money in a couple of months when you learn WordPress Skills

You need a home (blog/website) on the Internet to make money online.

You can also make money online without a blog or website using Youtube and Facebook ads (Discussed in my other blog post 11 best online business to start in 2018)

However, it's good to have a personal website or a blog to earn exponential income online.

WordPress is a Free platform to launch your blog/website.  

WordPress powers 31% of the internet and it is the easiest place to get started online to make money online.

How will you learn WordPress Skills and build a blog or website on your own?

Learn WordPress Skills on your own by watching Youtube Videos. (although you find many videos that are not worth, you will also find few people who share simple and easy steps to learn)

Learning WordPress is easy even if you are technically challenged. Give it a shot...

You only need a domain and hosting and then install free WordPress software and start building your blog.

Read my other blog post on how to set up a blog and install WordPress in less than 20 minutes over here…

I know you are taking this online business on a serious note. If this is you and If you can afford $200 buy Sitegorund multiple hosting plan.


Set up a blog and bring the Youtube learnings to life by building your own personal blog.

You may experiment by changing blog themes available for free, install free plugins. Change themes, create blog posts, how to upload images, videos, how to create tables, modify or customize pages using free 'Elementor' page builder and so on…

Do not worry at this point in time you will learn and master WordPress with ease. (You have to jump into a swimming pool to learn swimming, the same goes for the internet skills)

If you are comfortable setting up your own personal blog on WordPress.

Start creating few more WordPress websites with the experiments you did on your personal blog. Create sample websites for local restaurants, spa, school and any other local business of your interest.

Tip: You can charge around Rs.10K to Rs.15K by approaching nearby local business, startups, freelancers. Show your sample websites that you created a portfolio. (Your SiteGround Hosting will provide hosting space for multiple websites at no extra cost)

Making side income with WordPress skill and How to learn and earn when you are starting is discussed in detail over here.

Your next step:

Buy thrive themes membership and go through all the resources and tools you will get at a decent price. (watch videos and tutorials over here)  You will find useful resources and knowledge base at Thrive University. This is the one I recommend you to invest if you are taking online business serious to earn money.

If you have bought Thrive Themes Membership.

You can explore and learn other important conversion tools in real time. How? Take your favorite blog and try to create the same theme, same blog post, including tables, infographics, images etc… (you can try to create one blog post with sample content similar to my blogging cost detail post)

Try to create tables, images, and the same layout … (Take your time and practice)

In one month you will create a few sample websites and beautiful blog posts.

As discussed above, after one month try to find one local business and revamp their website and charge them Rs.10K-Rs.15K for your work.

How I practiced my WordPress skills.

I have created my personal website, learned on my own, showed my personal website and other 2 sample websites as a reference to local business owners and charged them Rs.15K for a four days work.

You may also charge for hosting, emails and WordPress support works from your small business clients, and also get social media management works after you equip social media skills over a period of time. [This is how I got few clients and supported my online business investments in my early days]

Your Outcome by learning WordPress Skills:

With WordPress skills, you actually find freelance work and earn side income.

If you Invest in hosting and domains and start learning on your own, and work on what you learned you will end up getting paid and this will allow you to invest earned money back into your online business.


#5 Learn Design Skills with the help of Canva Tool

Design skills are a must as you require to create featured blog posts, social promotion posts, and infographics to grab user attention.

All the images in this blog post, the featured image, the infographic outlining the best skills to learn to make money online included in the post have been created using Canva tool.

Why learn Design Skills?

Images will help you to catch the user attention and infographics will help you to simplify complex topics for your users.

To get additional traffic to your blog from social platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook you need design skills.

I don’t have photoshop skills or any design skills? How can I learn design skills? How much time will it take me to learn Design skills?

You do not need to learn Photoshop (save your 3 to 6 months time in learning Photoshop)

You only need to invest a week or two to design the kind of images or designs I am producing in this blog.

And all you require is to invest ZERO $$$...

Sign up for Canva and it's free. 

Canva is a Drag and drop tool easy to use and one of my favorite tool.

How to learn design skills with Canva?

Again you will see many useful and beginner tutorial videos on YouTube.

Go and type Canva tutorials for beginners and how to design a featured blog post image using Canva. You will find plenty of good videos and if you are a self-learner simply log in to Canva and explore yourself.

I promise you will design beautiful, eye-catching creatives in 2 week’s time with Canva.

As with any other skills to master, you need to practice. practice.. and practice...

If you have a question of where to get the Images to use in your blog or website.

Get royalty-free beautiful images from Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay platforms which are exclusively built for people like you and me.

Now, time to bring the creator in you to life with Canva.


#6 Email Marketing Skill

Email is an effective marketing channel and best source for every organization or an individual especially when you focus more on conversion. Having your own email list and loyal fans are the best assets to have.

Here is an email copy from Brian Dean of Backlinko that he sent to his email list (I have subscribed for his newsletter)


Top Internet marketers add value in every email they send to subscribers.

They talk about pain points and main problems of subscribers. Here Brian talking about the main problem of every Internet Entrepreneur i.e ‘Traffic’.

You can also see after several free stuff and value sent via emails.

Brian started pitching for paid courses that he created (own product).

Selling own/other’s products online using Email Marketing is a must skill. Since most of the conversions happen through email campaigns.


Although I want to enroll for Brian Dean course as I know the value he brings to me but I did not opt as I have plenty to implement that he shared for free on his Blog and Youtube channel.

I will opt for his paid course when Brian opens the course next time. Also, I am not active and did not start my YouTube channel so did not opt for his ‘Youtube SEO’ paid course.

How to Get started with Email Marketing?

You can explore and learn how to send email sequence and follow up emails with Free Tool such as Mailchimp (Mailchimp free trial limited to 2000 subscribers)

I started with Mailchimp which is free but found not that user-friendly (in my case, you may find it useful) and thus invested in paid email marketing tool Convertkit from my third month of blogging even though when I was making zero income.

Watch out for useful resources and advanced features of Email Marketing automation on Convertkit Blog.

With this link, You can get Convertkit free for first 15 days.

Building relations and your ability to sell are key to Email Marketing Success.

[Read my perspective on Email Marketing that I shred on Medium]

To be honest with you I am not writing regular emails to my list but I want to share valuable content exclusive to the email list that I do not share on my blog [I am also planning to grow my community using Email Marketing and just got started sending few emails every 15 days]

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Hey! Did you notice? I have compiled and bringing you useful resources and Free courses on every skill discussed in this blog post.

Here is one more useful free email marketing course from one of the top Internet company Hubspot

I know you are loyal to me and paying attention to my words from last 10 minutes. So, it’s time to relax...

Time to Relax: 

You have got to know 6 important skills to learn to make money online.

Take a Nap as you have learned the important skills to make money online.

Now, you are good to skip the remaining blog post and put your learnings into practice or be greedy and know more about 3 other skills that make you exponential income.

Either way, you are awesome.

With family support, fellow bloggers and mentors support you will find success. I promise… (I am lucky as I got the support from my good wishers)


#7 Video Marketing Skills

I am yet to try and experience or put in to practice Video Marketing skill.

I bought all the video shooting equipment (mic, gear, tripod and my smartphone as a camera) and practiced speaking to the camera in my living room but never had that one little push to go live on Facebook or YouTube.

The reason is I am shy to get in front of a camera. This is what I hate myself and want to overcome the fear of the camera.

Although you see me not doing any video marketing and I do not have a YouTube channel. I recorded a few videos on my smartphone but did not make life as I am not comfortable and keep postpone the little efforts I kept on Video Marketing.

What I am paying for my fear of camera - Huge traffic from YouTube and Facebook by not going live.

Somehow I am not comfortable and I am keeping postpone.

You know what is my excuse that I tell myself...

Let me complete 30 blog posts and go for video marketing. (terrible excuse...)

I am trying to do webinars and then do facebook live videos and finally, YouTube videos.

Best Part: I will start doing live webinars with my email list and inner circle group on how to start a blog as a business and other starting questions of online business and then will record and upload videos on to YouTube platform.

I am also considering creating screen share and voice over videos without me being on camera.

Maybe you will see me soon go live on camera. I am seriously planning to get onto webinar zone with Zoom. Sign for this invite-only link where I will discuss with you topics on how to Blog as a Business.

Why is Video Marketing a Money making skill and why you need to learn?

If you are comfortable talking to camera pat on your back and start using the power of Facebook live video, webinar and YouTube.

Because with this one skill you are good to record a video and sell your stuff or others stuff online. (check this one on How to sell your own products online with video skills)

There are also other income generation platforms (YouTube, Webinar, Online Training - info products) that will open for you and will bring you an added advantages over people like me who are not taking this route.

Bonus: Podcast Skills  (people are ok with multitasking and comfortable listening to podcasts while traveling or doing other works)

If you are not a video person and feel like talking rather than showing your face or writing blog posts you can learn podcast skills and build your community over the podcast. (Indian audience slowly catching up with Podcasts and people are happy to listen to valuable information while traveling/eating/doing other works)

A useful resource on how to learn podcast skills.


# 8 Learn Facebook Marketing or Google Adwords


Facebook Ads or Google Adwords and Why?

You can target people who know they have a problem with Google ads. If you want to educate people to understand that they have the problem use Facebook ads.

With Google, you will get customers who are facing problems and are ready to buy your products if you provide a solution.

With Facebook ads, you let potential customer that you have a problem and provide the solution. (You will Interpret users, educate them and nurture and finally get him on board to buy your product or services)

If you really want to know what works best for you and for your target customers test both platforms.

I haven’t tried Google and I am not going to talk about it.

Somehow I feel Google ads are costly and if we have a huge budget we can go for it.

But with Indian audience, I feel Facebook is the one to master.

Now, If you want to learn about Facebook advertising 

Skip 1 movie for every month and use that Rs 1000 on Facebook ads to promote your blog or own products.

You can run ads with your own personal Facebook account by creating a Facebook page and use Paytm to add money to your Facebook account. [GST and company registration not required for learning]

Learn about Facebook ads and How to open a Facebook business account to run Facebook ads over here...

With just Rs.69 you can start the ad campaign on Facebook and test it yourself. Run conversion based ads, facebook likes and boost post campaigns.

How to learn Facebook advertising on your own?

Watch this YouTube video by Facebook ad expert Sorav Jain on how to target your customers using Facebook ad campaigns (This is a great resource which is more than a paid course)

Facebook also made advertising very easy on its platform. All you need is to explore and experiment with a little amount. When you practice on your own you may not get the desired results but that should not stop you from learning. As you do more and more FB ad campaigns you will get better of it.

Now, watch Sorav Jain Youtube video.

Skip this step at your own risk: Do not stop your learnings by watching only the above video. Sorav has uploaded many useful videos and also included real case studies in his blog.

Thank me after you go through all the free information that Sorav Jain shares with the world if you want to master Facebook and the power it gives to reach over 2 Billion Internet users.

Next: Make some Money by learning (get paid to learn)

If you have any friend running a local business or a restaurant or a family store.

Do campaigns for them and get results for them and increase your confidence...

If you do not find anyone who has own business in your circle (remember when you learned WordPress skill you approached few local businesses and built WordPress websites)

Now, I want you to Convince them to try Facebook ads. Invest your own money (ideally Rs.1000) and get the confidence of bringing results and second-time charge for your work.


# 9 CopyWriting - The Skill that makes you money 

Your words sell your stuff. This is Copywriting for you...

Copywriting main purpose is to make your potential customer click on specific link or button generally referred as Call to Action.

Most of the times you will send your target customers to a landing page where you will collect email id’s so that you use that email id to nurture, engage and make your potential customer buy your stuff.

A landing page is a single page where you write a short copy about your product/services and benefits and why your target customer needs to buy from you.

3 main channels you use your CopyWriting skills:

  • Email Copy (Email)
  • Website Copy  (Website/Blog/App)
  • Advertising copy (Facebook, Google and others)

Facebook Ad Copy:

Let’s see how ad copy is written by one of the top Internet Marketer Amy Porterfield who earns more than $25000 per month.


Here, the ad copy is focused on entrepreneurs who want to start Online Training Business. When you click on ‘signup’ button you will be directed to a page where Amy will convince you to attend Free Training session and sells her paid course at the end by providing great value in Free Training session.

[Most of the Internet Marketers sell stuff using the same methods]

Another Example where the ad copy is simple and the CTA (Call to Action) is visible to everyone.


Another ad copy example posted by Amazon on Freedom Sale 2018 


Here in this ad copy, all important dates, offers, discounts, value (exchange offers and No cost EMI) information included.


Let’s see how few of the top internet marketers are writing Email copy:

Writing Email Copy:

This is from Brian Dean of Backlink (SEO expert)


Website Copy:

An example of writing powerful website copy from Thrive themes.

You can see how beautifully the team Thrive themes articulated what they offer and how it will help their target users. Also, check the social proof, why thrive suitable for internet marketers, and the inclusion of video explaining product features.


In one line “Conversion focused WordPress Themes & Plugins” thrive themes team described their product use and why you as a blogger or internet marketer must use Thrive products…


How to learn CopyWriting skill?

For next few weeks and beyond when you browse Facebook, watch out for sponsored ads on your facebook feed [see FB ads and observe what words advertisers used to sell products or services]

When you watch ads on TV - listen to words and taglines advertisers use in the commercial ad, when you walk on the streets keep an eye on billboards for the scripted words used by top brands.

Now, learn how all advertisers and brands are using words and connecting people both personally and emotionally.

Read emails, and top booksellers cover pages, watch closely your favorite movie trailer (why did you connect with the movie?)

Why did you connect with your favorite books, Facebook ads, and TV commercials? Simple, brands use words that attract you (You are the right customer and brands know you in and out what you feel, what you like, what stops you from buying)

Do this exercise of why did you connect and note down and collect ad copies and learn from the top Internet Marketers and Brands…

You can also...

Go to my resource page and bookmark all the blogs and websites I mentioned and start signing up for all newsletters, and observe how all brands and top bloggers are writing web copy, email copy, and ad copy.


Your Outcome 

When you look for the words that you come across when you browse Facebook, read your favorite books and while watching commercial ads on Youtube for the next 6 months you will improve your copywriting skills. Start practicing what you learned.


Bonus Skill:

Analytical Skills [learn how to use Google Analytics]

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it” – Sir William Thomson

Learn the Analytical skill and know what is working for you. This will help you monitor and do things that are working for you.

Set up a Google Analytics account for your personal blog and explore all the options and learn how to monitor your traffic and other metrics.

Now, you know all the Top 9 Internet skills to learn to make money online.

No matter how many blogs you read, how many discussions you have there are only a few things you will take away. But, when you go out there and do it on your own. You will feel there is a lot more to learn when you actually execute things.

  • Buy hosting
  • Set up a blog
  • Start learning skills fast and earn fast…

Wrapping up:

We have discussed how to learn top skills, best resources for advanced learnings. We also have gone through several free tools, and platforms to get results with minimum investment. Found the best ways to practice money making skills in the last 15 minutes.

Come back again after you’ve learned all the money making skills mentioned in this post, I want to hear from you. I want to know which of the skills you learned fast and earned money from it and which you did not learn.

I will be happy to see you make money with the skills you learned and practiced. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, and I will answer all of them.


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