Semrush Review

Want your e-commerce business to reach a larger span of multitude but finding yourself lost in the ocean of keywords and rankings? Be lost no more because we have found the right path to lead you and your website to your dream destination of achieving a far-reaching impact and presence online. 

Stop rushing over to cheap and inefficient SEO service platforms whilst you have the chance to make the most out of SEMrush, the best option available in the digital market. If you own any website, either an e-commerce site or even a youtube channel, you must want to drive traffic towards your platform. It is here that you are trapped in dire need of SEMrush. 

After all, it is essential to make sure that you are producing your content based on keywords that have an excellent switch volume. And secondly, you also have a realistic chance of ranking ahead. SEMrush is a tool that helps you achieve those goals, sort of an all-in-one solution that has got a lot of detailed mechanisms in it. 

In the following sections of the article, we will see how SEMrush will essentially be of help to you by increasing your rankings, finding more profitable keywords, and rank for those keywords as well. 

Let us skim through the contents of this review article for SEMrush.

How did it all begin for SEMrush?

Tracking the origin of this boom dates back to 2008, founded by a small group of SEO and IT specialists who aimed to build an ultimate marketing tool online. The motive behind laying down the foundations of SEMrush is the leading online visibility management tool. It was to develop a level playing field for all businesses online, irrespective of their size, either small, medium, or large, by offering a tool that would provide relevant and accurate keyword research and competitor’s site analysis.

Over a decade of its presence, the community earned its reputation with around 1000 employees working under it in about eight different centres globally. It is presently viewed as the holy grail of all SEO tools. Sure this must have motivated you enough to know the intricacies of SEMrush. Let’s head forth without further ado!

What does SEMrush do?

Talking in simple terms, A HELL LOT OF THINGS! SEMrush offers services in terms of ‘plethoras’ which are impossible to talk about in a single paragraph. 

SEMrush is well defined as the complete, fulfilling digital marketing guide cum tool to help you accurately understand where and how your competitors have found success. You can later adapt to grow yourself to similar or even higher heights. 

There is nothing you cannot do with SEMrush unless you don’t know how it works. It provides you with all the data, analysis, and ground reports you might end up in need of and allows you to strategize accordingly. It focuses on saving time, expense and aims to guide you towards opportunities to achieve your desired marketing outcomes. You can now keep a stern eye on your competitor’s website’s actions and plan strategically to combat them efficiently. 

Tools and Features SEMrush offers


The rank tracking feature in SEMrush integrates reports and SEO investigating tools to let you know how well in terms of its performance is your website doing, alongside comparing it with competitor websites belonging to a similar industry. 

A majority of position tracking tools are available under the ‘projects’ tab in SEMrush’s user interface. The On-Page SEO checker allows you to upload and link all the pages of your website, and after doing so, it curates well-analyzed suggestions as to how you can improve your SEO game. 

These rank tracking tools are pretty favourable for content marketing, keeping in check the availability of how many specific keywords can you type in and seeing how well your posts and pages rank when average users run a search for those particular keywords. 

To sum up, the SEMrush rank tracking features seem highly intuitive and robust enough to help you keep a consistent eye on your websites’ rankings in the search engine. A bonus of social media tracking comes in handy with SEMrush. 


The keyword research feature in SEMrush might baffle you initially, but it is just an advanced and an upgraded version of the Google keyword planner. Your research, first of all, begins by typing in potential keywords. When done, SEMrush will display the search volume numbers and trends, in addition to which SEMrush will also provide suggestions for keywords that might prove itself to be easier in ranking better. With this feature, you can enjoy the liberty to search for broad, exact, and phrase keywords, the entirety of which are fantastic for searching keywords you might not have thought about ever earlier.


semrush competitor analysis

The keyword research engine and keyword suggestion features offered by SEMrush are high-quality and remarkable, but it surpasses when it comes to competitor analysis. 

When in the marketing game, it becomes mandatory to keep a stern eye on your competitor’s work strategy. 

It’s the top spying app, where you put keywords, and SEMrush measures the platform to other competitors’ websites. It shows you the top-ranking keywords from both pages and whether you can profit by pursuing those keywords.

A feature called Market Explorer is also accessible in SEMrush. In a nutshell, Market Explorer takes your website in hand and finds other websites close to it. You should figure out how all those other sites get their visitors and create a strategy focusing on referrals, quest, and social marketing.

Finally, we like the Subject Research feature, which allows you to search for a keyword and then view a broad storyboard and list of headlines generated by your competitors on that topic. Given that it’s a clear peak at the competition, it’s one of the better choices you shall ever see for creating blog post topics.

3.4 SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

semrush keyword research

SEMrush’s keyword magic tool is an all-in-one, content-rich, and sophisticated keyword analysis tool that allows you to enter precise procedures and instantly generate an entire kingdom of similar long-tail keywords to rank.

The Keyword Magic tool is created to simplify keyword analysis by providing you with more refined findings backed up with more evidence.

You will get a better understanding of Keyword Difficulty, Competition, and SERP features in addition to the regular details – CPC and Volume.

You may use the keyword magic tool to enter a single word and get a list of the most similar terms, along with their keyword information, in one tab.

3.5 SEO Ideas

The SEO Ideas tool is an excellent instrument in your inventory for keeping the spotlight on you for another few minutes. If we go by the actual words by SMrush, it is said to have been the most undervalued tool on the platform. The best part of this feature is that each page of your site is analyzed, and you’re given instantly actionable SEO advice.

3.6 SERP Feature Filter

Featured snippets, local sets, and ratings – this is a kit to pick up! This function is beneficial in a variety of situations. Is there a new analysis schema in place? To see if it’s turning up in SERPs, use the SERP Feature Filter. Have you seen a sudden increase or decrease in traffic and aren’t sure why? To know whether you’ve won or lost a response box, use the SERP Feature Filter.

3.7 Keyword Gap Tool

Want to know what keywords you and your opponents have in common quickly? To point out what keywords your rivals are using that you aren’t? The Keyword Gap Tool is just what you need.

You can compare up to 5 domains at once and see specific keywords, new keywords, specific keywords compared to the first website domain keywords, and a complete view of all keywords. You can dig through each of the keywords and sort data through metrics like particular keywords, location, MSV, and more until you’ve picked the opponents and set of keywords you want to use.

Plans and Pricing for SEMrush

At SEMrush, you are provided with a 14 day free trial period to decide whether or not the tool works as per your demands. (of which, not working as per expectations is highly unlikely)

Once you are delighted with its services offered, you can consider buying subscription plans on either a monthly or yearly basis. If we go by pricing, annual costs can go easier by nearly 16 per cent on your wallet. 

Although the idea of spending $100 per month for an SEO tool might seem excessive and useless, considering the features that it offers, it is incomparable to any other available device. The amount you invest is bound to return in quality. 

Here’s what you can expect of its pricing plans:

  1. Pro- Designed for smaller companies and startups with its cost starting from $99.95 per month. 
  2. Guru- Meant ideally for medium-sized businesses and agencies, the cost starts from $199 per month.
  3. Business- If looking for an SEO tool with features ideal for e-commerce businesses, large agencies, and bigger businesses, this plan costs $399.95 per month.
  4. Enterprise- The pricing for this plan is based on what customization you carry out for your business. It is set when you configure your custom interface. 

Apart from the above, there are pricing plans available for sure add-on tools that you might like to have on your interface. Below is a list of optional expenses you can consider as per your needs and demands:

  1.  Extra Users- Cost starts at $70 per user added. 
  2. Competitive Intelligence Add-on- Cost starts at $200 per month for traffic analysis, market explorer, etc. 
  3. Fundamental Local Listing Management- An added feature to distribute business information costs $20 per month.
  4. Premium Local Listing Management- Cost starts at $40 per month for the added part of local heat mapping and responds to customer reviews.  

If you compare the pricing plans for SEMrush with other available tools, the differences you might come across are as follows:

  • The number of reports you are allowed to run per day
  • The number of keywords you can research monthly
  • Permitted access to tools meant for content marketing
  • Access to historical data

A more detailed plan of putting it is that the more you play, the more of the above features you experience. 

Customer Support at SEMrush

With an intimidating and equally complex SEO tool engraved platform like SEMrush, it is highly expected of its users to look for and consider the availability and format of customer support thus offered.  

To your relief and expectations, SEMrush offers three channels of customer support, that is via mail, phone call, and chat. How cool and convenient is that! These services contrast to its competitor site, which does not provide customer support services over phone calls.

To draw more comparisons and bring contacts to clear light, SEMrush, unlike other SaaS products, makes its contact details a piece of cake to spot. A chat icon is visible at the bottom corner of SEMrush’s web page, and phone number details are legibly mentioned at the footer of each page of the website. 

The most enjoyable segment of it all is that you do not have to come across annoying pop-ups and clicks that make you run through a series of help boxes, help pages, and helpful FAQs to dig up the contact number for customer support. 

Semrush Pros and Cons

9 Pros of Using SEMrush
  • It is convenient and easy to use once you explore its intricacies and get the hang of it eventually. 
  • With SEMrush, performing domain analysis is made more straightforward by large. The reason being, everything is made visible and assembled in one place, which cuts out the need for extra searches here and there. 
  • Even if SEMrush provides a heck amount of data, it is all sequenced logically, like graphical representations and data visualizations, making it easier for you to understand and emulate the metrics provided. 
  • SEMrush owns a superb link-building functionality that has CRM-style features to aid you in making an impactful outreach. 
  • The presence of an easy-to-follow set of instructions makes it viable for even the rookie-est individuals to learn how to create robust improvisations in the technical SEO and On-Page SEO facets of the website. 
  • Alongside organic search data, SEMrush provides its users with a lot of PPC data to work with. 
  • SEMrush’s generosity knows no bounds in comparison to other competitor platforms in the market. With SEMrush, you can pull over ‘n’ number of reports in a day. 
  • Three-channel support is made available for SEMrush users, which is far from the platform’s more far-reaching aspect. 
  • It allows a 14-day free trial of its services and tools offered, which is fantastic. 
7 Cons of Using SEMrush
  • SEMrush is only bound to provide data for one search engine, that is, Google. Whereas in other tools like Ahrefs, data can be delivered to multiple search engines. 
  • Plans at SEMrush come with one user access only. Additional user access can cost more if you plan on purchasing one. 
  • Some major functionalities are only available as part of ‘projects,’ and Semrush restricts how many projects you can execute simultaneously.
  • Some of the features available can cost as high as $200 per month.
  • Broken link construction on Semrush isn’t as straightforward as it should be.
  • The 14-day free trial, though beneficial, requires you to enter credit card details before accessing it. Thus, making you bound to use it for at least a month. 
  • It is slightly tough to use the tool on a mobile device because the SEMrush interface is not responsive. 

Final Review of SEMrush

Semrush is an excellent SEO solution that supports you with all of the critical information you’ll need to complete a superb Seo job. Its link building and site auditing tools, in particular, stick out – the former provides a fantastic ‘CRM’ type approach to creating backlinks. At the same time, the latter offers a super-easy assessment of methods to enhance your technical and on-page SEO.

What are the most prominent drawbacks? Well, it just offers data for Google; all accounts only come with allowed access for one user account (‘seat’), and other significant capabilities are only available as part of a ‘project’.

It’s also a little frustrating since some of the competitive intelligence capabilities that SEMrush offers need a $200 monthly subscription. Semrush, on the other hand, is an excellent service that gives you the vital data you need to optimize your search ranks. If you are still indecisive about whether or not your organization could benefit from SEMrush, then go through the list of suggestions below.

Go with SEMrush if

  • You own a small to medium-sized business with a decent budget. 
  • You run an online store website. 
  • You are managing a large brand that is rapidly catching viewer’s attention.
  • You are in search of one of the best competitor analysis tools available in the market. 
  • You want great SEO and marketing features to boost your business. 
  • You want a tool to dig up a heck load of necessary keywords and suggestions to improve your business’ marketing. 
  • You would like to experience the added benefit of the social media analysis feature as well.

Skip SEMrush if

  • You’re short on cash and are in the chance to get better results with less money or even for free.
  • You’d soon use a more straightforward approach to keyword feedback and recording.
  • The user interface does not appeal to you. While this is a concern of individual choice, you can conveniently try the SEMrush free trial and equate it to a comparative approach such as Ahrefs.

Why is SEMrush used?

SEMrush is a well-known and highly trusted SEO tool by marketers all around the globe. With SEMrush, you can carry out extensive keyword research, along with tracking your competitor’s website’s keyword analysis. You can also use SEMrush to run SEO audits and search for backlink opportunities to track necessary things via reports thus provided.

How accurate is SEMrush?

When it comes to SEMrush, accuracy is its must-have quality. SEMrush manages to successfully provide you with a fantastic overview of critical areas in your website. Although, it is recommended to go through a few different tools to get the most accurate results.

Is SEMrush suitable for me?

SEMrush is deemed suitable for those who are:
-Looking to take their site to the next level
-Looking to increase traffic and search rankings
-People who want to know the secret to the success of other competitors, leading sites.
-Busy individuals who want to get more things done in a smaller period. 
-SEO’s that are struggling to get visibility and increase search engine traffic.

What languages and countries do SEMrush support?

SEMRush currently has data for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, China, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, and Turkey. An additional beneficial tool is the Position Tracking Tool which allows you to check search rankings from any location in the world.

Are there any alternatives to SEMrush?

It is doubtful not to be satisfied with the services and features SEMrush has to offer, but even if it is so, you can look out for other alternatives in the same field like- Surfer, Powersuite, and Ahrefs, to name a few.

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