15 Best Ways To Promote YouTube Videos & (YouTube Channel) in 2021


For starters, YouTube recently overtook Facebook as the second most-visited site on the web. Crazy-awesome for you that is — because when used effectively, YouTube is an extremely powerful business tool. It’s actually an incredibly powerful marketing tool for the brands and so also individuals across many different industries as well. If you want to stand out on YouTube, you need to take advantage of as many promotional tactics as possible.

Below we have ideally broken down step-by-step how to promote your YouTube videos and channel to maximize your viewership. In a time where video content reigns supreme, that's an impressive stat that's hard to ignore!


  1. Trust collaboration 
  2. Enhance Your Video Titles
  3. Start a Facebook Group 
  4. Host cool contests 
  5. Be unusual! 
  6. Be reliable 
  7. Nail your video SEO 
  8. Interface your other social accounts 
  9. Cross-promote your podcast 
  10. Post to Instagram for Every New YouTube Video 
  11. Target Google search results 
  12. Post one of a kind special content on your social media accounts 
  13. Connect with your adherents 
  14. Post it on your blog 
  15. Focus on your video thumbnails  

#1 Trust collaboration 

A strategy the absolute greatest YouTube stars used to become thereafter is teaming up with different clients in the same industry instead of competing with them. When contemplating methodologies to promote your YouTube channel across social media, engaging with another organization, particularly one in a similar field, is likely the keep going thing at the forefront of your thoughts. Every collaboration gives you openness to another set of valuable viewers. 

Organizations like these are commonly valuable and exceptionally savvy. The way to an effective YouTube collaboration is the Best ways to promote a YouTube channel and track down the correct metrics. While you're imparting content to your crowd, you'll likewise twofold your openness by sharing on others channels, so make the most of it! You need to team up with content creators that offer comparative interests with your brand so your video puts on a show of being true. 

#2 Enhance Your Video Titles

YouTube is a video search engine. This implies search engine optimization (SEO) matters. Titles represent the deciding moment with regards to your video's exhibition. 

YouTube's calculation considers different things while choosing videos for search results. The way to create executioner titles is by catching your crowd's eye without falling back on misleading content features. Furthermore, the stage gives various freedoms to advance your channel and videos — including video record names, titles, portrayals, and labels.

#3 Start a Facebook Group

In the event that you as of now have a YouTube channel, odds are you as of now have a Facebook page that is the best way to promote your YouTube videos. So you can draw in new viewers to your channel, you need to have a particular point you draw in them with. On the off chance that you're altogether new to this, you should simply go to Facebook for Business and make your first page. The theme should be equivalent to your YouTube channel point. Create valuable content on Facebook page related to your video topics and cross promote your YouTube channel and drive the Facebook audience to watch your channel and subscribe.

#4 Host cool Contests

Individuals love a decent contest. Host a YouTube contest or giveaway to urge individuals to buy into your channel and lock in. Regardless of whether it's facilitated on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube itself, whenever done adequately, it can offer you a LOT of cross-advancement and ideally a major yield of new fans on your YouTube channel. 

To keep your contests basic, have individuals like your video, leave a remark and buy into your channel to enter. 

#5 Be unusual!

Regardless of what field you're in, odds are there is an industry-standard YouTube Channel. Before you begin making a video for YouTube you need to arrange for what you need to create. You would prefer not to mix in with your opposition and you certainly don't have any desire to be exhausting. Consider the information you need to depict to your crowd and plan wherein the video you will incorporate invitations to take action. Create valuable content and engage the audience with authority.

#6 Be reliable

While beginning a YouTube channel is incredible, before you even open an account you ought to focus on being steady. On the off chance that you are making a top to bottom YouTube video, make a point to incorporate terms that are explicit to the business to construct trust with your viewers. 

While you don't need to be totally unbending constantly (regardless of whether it's a bustling Christmas season or you're including something new and energizing and need to post all the more frequently), your fans and potential fans will generally expect new videos on the timetable you set. 

Try not to make long content if your storyboard is short as it will mean a ton of waiting on screens that won't make for a decent survey insight. An extraordinary method to consider yourself accountable to consistency on your YouTube channel, and afterward cross-advancing it, is to make proper hashtags identified with the day of the week and the subject of the video. 

#7 Nail your video SEO

Discussing optimization, remember that YouTube is possessed by Google. On the off chance that you need to get more perspectives on YouTube, you need to learn however much you can about YouTube SEO. This implies that YouTube is basically its very own search engine, which implies that SEO (search engine optimization) is critical. 

In particular, you need to dominate SEO nuts and bolts like Keyword research for videos. You'll need to ensure your content is being found by the sorts of individuals who are searching for it, by incorporating objective watchwords in your video titles and description. 

#8 Interface your other social accounts

Here's a convenient stunt! Interface your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your YouTube account so every one of the videos you distribute naturally gets promoted on your social media accounts. That is what a YouTube video resembles on Facebook, yet it is as yet an incredible showcasing apparatus for your video. 

To do that, simply jump on to your YouTube settings and select Connected Accounts. Snap-on the accounts you need to connect to, enter in your login information, and approve YouTube to naturally distribute videos. 

#9 Cross-promote your podcast

Podcast cross-advancement implies you set up associations with other podcasters to promote each other's shows. While podcasts are known for being fundamentally sound, YouTube is really the most famous objective for burning through this kind of content. You would promote your accomplice's show on your podcast and they would promote your show on their podcast. 

Truth be told, the information shows that 43% of individuals tune in to their podcasts on YouTube—much more than Apple or Spotify! Another extraordinary method to promote your podcast is by making a trailer or more limited videos from your material. Cross-posting your podcast scenes is a brilliant method to guide your current crowd to your YouTube channel and the other way around. 

#10 Post to Instagram for Every New YouTube Video

The simplest method to get your Instagram adherents to buy into your channel is through cross-advancement. How about we investigate an organization that dominated this "develop" strategy by really dispatching its brand on Instagram. Each time you distribute another video on YouTube, publicize it on Instagram. On the off chance that you as of now have a solid fan base on Instagram, for instance, ensure you have an unmistakable vision that is not quite the same as your YouTube account. 

#11 Target Google search results (Keywords/search terms)

As noted, YouTube is absolutely killing it with regards to SEO. Positioning your videos in Google can prompt LOTS of additional perspectives and loyal user base. 

And keeping in mind that you shouldn't absolutely make content for search engines versus individuals, you ought to promote your YouTube direct in light of SEO. Indeed, an examination by Stone Temple Consulting tracked down that 55.2% of YouTube video positioning in Google were not quite the same as the top videos positioning in YouTube's search results. 

In particular, item audits, how-to's, and long-structure (10+ minutes) videos covering catchphrase explicit themes will in general position well in search engine results pages (SERPs). In the first place, say your catchphrase so anyone can hear it in your video. In case you're lashed for content thoughts or need to gain by a moving popular expression in your industry, consider how you can do as such through your YouTube channel advertising. That way, Google can comprehend 100% of the content in your video. 

#12 Post one of a kind special content on your social media accounts

In the event that you as of now have a solid fan base on Instagram, for instance, ensure you have a reasonable vision that is not the same as your YouTube account. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media destinations need to keep individuals on their foundation. While your voice ought to stay steady, for what reason would a client need to follow on different channels if it's precisely the same content they're now getting from you? Furthermore, when you present a connection on your YouTube video, their calculations will conceal your post from your supporters. 

#13 Connect with your adherents

Probably the most ideal approach to guarantee the cross-advancement of one social media channel on another is to consistently draw in with your fans and organizations you respect. Make sure to show your fans that you care about them and what they need to say. Keep in mind the worth of this progression. It appears to be so basic, however can without much of a stretch be ignored as a dreary assignment when there's a ton to do. 

Cooperate with your endorsers, tune in to their remarks, and even give approximately a holler. Regardless of whether it be straightforwardly on YouTube or one of your other social media locales, ensure you're reacting to individuals' preferences and remarks rapidly. These are for the most part straightforward things you can never really construct a steadfast fanbase. Inquire as to whether there's something they might want to find in your next video, or in the event that they have any ideas to bring to the table for development. 

#14 Post it on your blog

While the video is ruler right now, don't think little of the force of the composed word. On the off chance that you have a blog, make certain to join your videos into pertinent posts. Posting about your video on the blog part of your site is a brilliant method to intensify the range of your content. In the event that your blog is getting high traffic, this is an incredible method to assist new individuals with finding your YouTube channel. 

You can do this by getting your video deciphered (ie. the sound transformed into composed content) and distributing it verbatim, or just by composing a short outline of what is the issue here. There is a high possibility you are perched on a content gold mine. At that point, you can insert the video inside the blog post, and direct your users to watch the full video. View your blog examination, track down your best-performing posts, and make a video. 

#15 Focus on your video thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails exist in an unusual universe of over-the-top, surprised articulations, trivial red circles, and larger than average bolts that point at something which watches significant yet ends up being fairly disappointing. Video thumbnails may be little, however, they are apparently probably the greatest thing you can zero in on. 

On the off chance that you have gone through over five minutes on YouTube, you will know precisely the thing we are discussing. It will appear on your landing page, however when individuals search for a particular video, and when a video is shared. Fundamental wickedness, cringeworthy, unavoidable, misleading content — call it what you need. Regardless of whether it is decent or something awful, the truth is these strategies work. 


As more and more brands, individuals and marketers are looking to leverage YouTube to get more traffic and reach a larger audience to promote their services or products online. So, which one of the above-mentioned strategy are you looking to implement in your business to get more out of the the #1 Video search engine i.e, YouTube.

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