9 Most Profitable Niches to Start Your Blogging Career in 2021


Surviving in an ocean of dolphins while being a mackerel is exhausting and challenging. With a plethora of existing blogging sites covering a variety of blogging niches, it becomes a steep climb to achieve great heights of acquiring a different name in the field. 

Are you a budding blogger and want to start a career in the much competitive field of blogging? Sure you are, and that's why you are here. But, are you stuck in a severe dilemma as to what blog niche to adopt to grow sporadically? Hold that thought while we list down some of the profitable niches for bloggers which you are at liberty to choose any, pertaining to your interests and profit demands.

What is a Niche Blog?

Before we head further, let's look into what niches comprise of.  

Understanding niches and their Importance.

A niche is traditionally considered as a specialized field in which a blogger specializes in blogging. Their content is relevant to this topic and is deemed to be high-quality and authoritative on the subject. It's not like every blog has a niche, and whether or not a blog to adhere to a particular niche to be popular is a point of contention. Niches, on the other hand, are widely known to offer specific valuable attributes to blog pages.

A niche, for starters, concentrates the content of your blog. If you plan to write about whatever comes to mind, your blog will become a little disorganized. Visitors may be unable to understand what your blog is about, which may have an effect on your retention rates. It's much more difficult to create a loyal following while the subject matter is dispersed. Visitors to blogs are mostly searching for updates about a certain subject. If the blog explores a wide range of topics, it would be more difficult to get new followers to associate with articles that aren't directly related to their interests.

Finally, sticking to a particular niche will help you build a reputation. Writing in-depth on one or a few subjects allows you to show your intelligence while writing broadly and superficially seldom impresses the audience. 

9 Best Niche For Blogger (Profitable Blogging Niches in 2021)

#1 Make Money Blogging Niche (Affiliate Marketing)


Building a following and monetizing it with affiliate marketing is a long-term game; if your interest in a niche wanes within a few months, your affiliate marketing venture is unlikely to generate many sales. This is not an easy niche to get into. Although formal financial education isn't needed, you should have a decent understanding of your finances and share tips and tricks with your readers.

#2 Blog on Blogging Tips & Tools

Why do you think you are here? To know about blogging right. And this is one such blog that talks about the intricacies of a blog and blogging. Driving through the chronology, you can easily understand how impactful and visible blogs relating to this particular niche are! 

Just like you, there are hundreds and thousands of more undiscovered bloggers who might want to know about the field of work, and if you decide to help them through your blogs, it will be a win-win for both parties. Gaining visitors organically is one thing, and the other is being serviceable to the ones in need. 

Best Niche For Blogger 2021

#3 Start a Profitable Food Blog


Food and eating is one of the daily needs an individual cannot manage to live without. A blog including food recipes and reviews can always hit the top owing to its daily needs and demands. You never know when one of the readers out there might be struck with a sudden urge to experiment with some lip-smacking recipes and stumble upon your recipe blog. Also, there are income reports which show plenty of food blogs raking in thousands. If you want to specialize in a single diet, you'll have an even better chance of creating a great blog. 

Editor's Pick: Here is a curated list of Top Food bloggers in India that you can follow for inspiration if you are planning to start a Food Blog.

#4 Fashion Blog (Become a Fashion Blogger)


Growing times have seen an upsurge in fashion enthusiasts who like to keep up with ongoing trends and style. Fashion blogs are some of the most visited blogs where the struggle to drive traffic and gain visitors is much more subtle than the other blog niches available. Fashion blogs have an extended scope on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where more extensive mass interactions are bound to happen. There are also chances of gaining sponsorships for products since working for a fashion blog includes them widely. 

#5 Blog on Credit Cards (Personal Finance, Managing Money & Best Money Investment Tips)


People want information on credit cards and finances very often. Burning topics and trends are considered best to pursue in your blogs if you want to grow traffic to your blogs organically. Hosting blogs relating to income can impact your income positively too! Moreover, many people want to know more information on how to invest money in stocks, mutual funds, and in business smartly to get best returns for their hard earned money.

#6 Blog on WordPress (Technical, Plugins, Themes, Hosting)

These days, where there is a visible rise and growth in digital marketing and blogs on platforms like WordPress, it is necessary to evolve blogs that cover the topics related to it. Not every individual can hire an expert on the same and might want to subvert to easy to go through guides. It is here that your blogs will play their game of impact, influence and income. 

#7 Blog on Health & Nutrition


Growing consciousness among people about healthy living and lifestyle is one aspect that needs to be looked into. A blog covering nutritional elements of a healthy lifestyle will eventually manage to gain attention from health-conscious readers from all around the globe. Keeping this in mind, you can measure your expertise and interests in producing information on the same and choose it as a niche to follow for your blog. 

#8 Moms Blog/ Parenting Blog


You will blog about childcare tips, baby care, and how a new mom can better care for her baby in this niche. It would help if you also blogged for things that anyone can use to make your parenting life more comfortable; you can quickly advertise Amazon products and use referral links to profit from your traffic.

Talking of Mommy Blogs, this is a forum dedicated to providing updates to mothers. This may include things like tips, motivation, and entertainment. The kinds of material you will publish are genuinely limitless. In addition, it is hypothetical.

A blog like this will go in a lot of different ways.

#9 Business Blog (Business resources & Strategies to grow business)

With the declining focus on conventional communication methods, more people are looking to brush up on their digital marketing skills.

Businesses are also working on updating their web profile and publicizing their line of products. The benefits of using professional digital media campaigns for companies are limitless.

Designing an online marketing blog will not only generate profit, but it will also allow you to learn more and put what you've learned into practice.

Final Overview

Thus, we have seen how choosing a niche for your blog is a primary step towards staying focused and relevant to your avid readers. On the other hand, if you are a professional blogger, opting for a particular niche can also impact your income figures superficially. It is here that going for a more popular and profitable blog niche could make it slightly easy on the efforts to create a good living. We have discussed nine profitable niche ideas for blogging above, and if you still find it challenging to choose the best niche for you, feel free to drop a comment down below, and we'll be glad to be of help!

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