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9 Best Skills to Learn to Make Money Online


I have listed 9 best skills that make money online and how to learn these best skills to make money on your own in this blog post. [Pull up your socks and learn these skills to make your online business dream a reality]

In this blog post, you will see me talking about...

  1. The best skills to learn to make money online.
  2. Why the suggested skills are important and why you need to learn these skills fast?
  3. How you can learn these most profitable skills on your own for free
  4. The best resources for advanced learnings if you are serious about making money online.
  5. Free online courses links included which will enhance your skills to learn to make money
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11 Best Online Business to Start in India 2020 [with your savings]


If you are here reading this blog post I know you want to make money online.

If you are trying to find out the best online business in India.


I am not here to tell you about the time-consuming online survey, data entry online businesses. [which are not sustainable and also will not give you the money in the long term]

These kinds of businesses can be started online without investment in India and might give you quick cash but not enough to bring the real freedom of time, money and location independence.

Actually, the kind of manpower and efforts involved are huge. In other words, your income from these sources is directly proportional to the number of hours you put on a daily basis.

Simply, what that means is they are not scalable…

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Top 3 ways to Earn Money Online in India 2020 [with min Investment]


In this blog post, You will find out what are the 3 best ways to earn money online in India, the skills required and how to learn these skills on your own when you have less time and money.

5 Key Learnings you will take away from reading this monster post.

  • Best online business to make money in India
  • Best and easiest way to earn money online 
  • The skills required to start an online business
  • The easiest way to learn the required skills fast
  • The powerful approach to start earning money online in India [even if you are technically challenged and have minimum investment]
  • How you can self-fund the online business and overcome the fear of failure

Considering time, money, skills and minimum resources you have…

I am going to discuss with you the easiest way to earn money online in India from home.

Here is a quick navigation to jump on to the topic that might interest you [spend some time on how you can practice the Golden Triangle for best results!]

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27 Things to Know before Selling Online Courses

selling courses online

You Know What:

Many experts and domain knowledge folks like you who are comfortable teaching students.


People who have that flair of explaining the complex concepts in an easy way are now looking to leverage their skills and expertise to earn full-time income or even double or triple by training students Online.

Are You the Same Person?

Who is an expert in any technical field or have an advanced knowledge in on-demand training courses such as IoT [Internet of Things], Digital Marketing, Data Sciences, Big Data etc.?

Are you a trainer who deliver courses in a classroom set up and looking for better income levels but struck with how to start?

You are on right page!!

This is for you [exclusive]!

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How to start an Online Business with less investment and basic Internet skills

Online Businesses with no investment

Do you want to start an Online Business?

  • To Earn Extra Money Online. [with the option of keeping your full-time job intact]
  • To Make Full-time money for living and quit the job.
  • You are passionate to start a business, share knowledge/experience and make name for yourself in the process.
  • Simply to solve problems [your own or others] and make a difference to your present lifestyle.
  • You have free time and want to utilize the time to do something on your own.
  • You want to start an online business, but don’t know what to do next?
  • You have less than Rs.20, 000 and want to start an online business?

Starting an Online Business even if you are technically challenged, have minimum investment and you know little about how things work online is now easy.


Bitter Truth: Only 1 in 5 earns money online for a living.

Do you want to be that one smart and action taking person who earns money online?

Bonus: [Included in this post]

Getting started with Online Business

What are the major areas in which online business fail?


What should you be doing?

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Know Yourself Better before You start dreaming of Making Money Online.

Know Yourself better to Make Money Online

Online Business Success always starts with ‘YOU’

So, it is very important to know more about you before you want to know about your customers, market and product/service offerings.

And it’s ‘YOU’ one and only ‘YOU’ who will Break or Make Your Online Business.

Ask These Questions to Yourself:

Who am I?

  • Your Purpose of Starting up Online Business
  • Your Status of Skills, Knowledge, Expertise, and Resources
  • Do You have a very clear Frame of Mind
  • You have put some time to Know Yourself Better [Take actions, consistency, and commitment]
  • Time, Money and Support you have from family.

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business in 2020