Know Yourself Better before You start dreaming of Making Money Online.

Know Yourself better to Make Money Online

Know Yourself better to Make Money Online

Online Business Success always starts with ‘YOU’

So, it is very important to know more about you before you want to know about your customers, market and product/service offerings.

And it’s ‘YOU’ one and only ‘YOU’ who will Break or Make Your Online Business.

Ask These Questions to Yourself:

Who am I?

  • Your Purpose of Starting up Online Business
  • Your Status of Skills, Knowledge, Expertise, and Resources
  • Do You have a very clear Frame of Mind
  • You have put some time to Know Yourself Better [Take actions, consistency, and commitment]
  • Time, Money and Support you have from family.

#1 Purpose:

Find and write Your Purpose to start an online business. [Hints for you]

To Earn Extra Money Online [with the option of keeping your full-time job intact]

To Make Full-time money and quit job

You are passionate to start a business and make name for yourself, help others, be it a hobby business, share your knowledge, experience etc.

Simply to solve problems [your own or others] and make a difference to the world.

Having a Purpose will motivate and helps you to be stronger when the going gets tough in your online business journey.

#2 Required Skills, Expert Knowledge, and Resources to Make Money Online:

Be honest with you and write down your strengths, weaknesses, skills, expert functional area, resources you have.

A quick tip: just write down only the skills, strengths that are valued and loved by others (your friends, family, and employee)

Simple reason when your strengths and skills and expertise (special qualities) are valued by your friends and family than there is a good chance that you have paying customers for the skills you possess.

When there are paying customers you can simply build an online business based on these skill set and expertise.

I deliberately did not include the word passion.


Your passion does not fit into the scheme of profitable business. It only matters if and only if you have passion that is a profitable business [a market or a demand for your passionate skills or expertise]

Build products for your users not for yourself. “If you cannot sell your products then build products that your users want” – Seth Godin

#3 The frame of Mind:

You are committed to spending some 2-4 hours of time every day not focusing mainly on immediate income from the online business.

You have no overheads (system, the internet, hosting space etc)

You have the basic things that needed to start an online business.

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Domain name and Web Hosting space
  • website/a blog/online teaching platform
  • You have the skill set and basic business skills and have hands-on experience on internet tools.

You are ready to learn and do all things needed for a successful online business.

  • Coding [WordPress: it’s very easy]
  • Designs [using tools] [or you no need to be a Photoshop expert]
  • Promote on Social channels
  • Learn Digital Marketing
  • Read and read all niche blogs

So overall, nothing to lose the attitude and get ready to experience the new Online Business Startup ride with an expectation of minimum side income say Rs.50000 for bill payments in 6-9 months time.

If You are serious about starting an Online Business: The Ultimate step-by-step guide to successful Online Business.

#4 You have put some time to Know Yourself Better

Quick things you have to follow to become successful:

Action Taking mindset

Finish the things which are doable in 2 minute time [feels better when you finish the tasks if it is big or small]

Priorities and finish the tasks

Complete the tasks you started do not leave it. If it is taking more time skip and move away and find some other time to do it. And if it is not a great thing to do scrap it forever [you always have alternatives]

Be motivated and do not lose your confidence if you do not see any results after 3 or 6 months. [Rome was never built in a single day]

Be consistent in what you do and always keep reading industry related blogs, influencers, your competitor or your niche websites, social channels and know how they are doing the things.

#5 Time, Money and Support:

Time: keep 6 months to 1 Year time for your online business dream to be a reality.

Commit yourself to put your efforts every day for 2-4 hours even if you have a full-time job, family and even a small kid to take care of.

Money: You cannot build businesses without investment [even though if you are ready to put extra time as an investment there is no escape be ready to put anywhere between Rs.20,000 to Rs.50,000 for your Online Business.

Quick realization: Facebook, Google, and all other big companies are in the business of making money you cannot have more traffic and users looking for your products without investing very minimum money for promotions. [Free, paid and earned traffic is all you want to do. Do not bank on only free tools, resources, and free organic traffic]

Check Yourself: Do you really care for fewer quality products or services? Do you care of websites which has low speed and takes a while to load pages or do you care for their design and simplicity of usage if not great?

So, it’s same with everyone. So invest in quality website, platform, speed, good design to attract visitors [they have very less time span to notice you]

Support: from family, friends and colleagues or freelancers and other people who might help you with the works that you might face difficulty [it’s ok to outsource or get help for the things that you are not good at and no one is perfect and does all. But pay the minimum and use whenever and wherever you required only.

Note: If you are starting up an online business. You are risking not only your time but also your family and your better halftime time. They also take the same amount of risk, pains and time as much as you do. [So make sure you balance everything work, part-time, passion etc]

If You are convinced: Blogging is a very Profitable Online Business in 2017. [You need to invest only Rs.5000 to look professional. Ask me How?]

Wrapping Up

Be honest and take a notebook and write down what are the skills you want to learn, improve and master, what are your weaknesses, strengths, does coding hurts you, you are not a designer material, copywriting is not your piece of cake etc.

Find what You are and what skills you have and what is missing or stopping to start an Online Business.

The above mentioned 5 steps will help You to overcome the obstacles stopping You to Make Money Online.

What else is stopping you to start an Online Business in 2017?

I’d really like to know what you guys think about the 5 step know yourself process. Do you think there will be any other big challenges? Do you see yourself come across this overwhelming list of things stopping You?

Did I miss any points or you want me to add honorable mentions. Take some time to comment on your starting problems below.


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    • Hey Arshad,

      I am glad you liked it. I am going to publish a blog post on how to start an online training business with minimum budget soon.

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