Elementor Pro Review 2021

Elementor Pro Page Builder Review 2021

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Thinking of starting a WordPress blog but do not know how to customize? Leave aside those worries because here we have the savior of all times, the brand new WordPress page and website builder-Elementor Pro.

Often one wants to initiate a career in writing or maybe even want to build an entrepreneurial worklife. And in these evolving times of technology, keeping aloof from it does not help. It is quintessential for almost every business or work place to own a website or page of their own. If you are the owner of a digital marketing company, you sure would want to build a website that reflects your work style and your individuality. This personal touch can only be brought about by right customization of your brand’s web page. But, how do you do it? Are tools available? If yes, then which is the best to go for?

You might have been flooded with such questions in mind I’m sure. Hang on, because here we are going to talk about the best available website builder tool for you.

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is a recently launched consumer WordPress plugin which can be used to apply a drag-and-drop user interface to every webpage, regardless of style. In addition to themes, the team also developed 12 WordPress plugins, including Elementor, the common free edition of this page builder. With a recent version, you can also use Elementor’s Theme Builder functionality to configure the header, footer, and other areas of your website. With this addon, you’ll be no more limited to making custom post and blog templates only. You will be free to explore the flipside of website designing and accentuate your own page to mark a personal touch.

Why would you need a WordPress page builder?

If you’re reading this Elementor Pro review, you are assumed to have some familiarity with a WordPress page builder and why you need to use one. But if not, then the function of a webpage builder plugin tool is that of upgrading the existing defining tools on WordPress so that you are given the liberty to go beyond the default set templates and build a page reflecting your taste.

There are a plethora of page builder tools available, but what makes Elementor Pro the best among them is its remarkable features. Let’s talk about the advanced features available in Elementor Pro.

A Modern User Interface

However powerful a tool may be, if it is difficult to work in order to achieve the desired results, it is not worth the effort. But, that’s not the case with Elementor Pro as it offers a modern user interface to deal with effortlessly.

Elementor Pro allows you to build pages with different columns, and each has its own column arrangement. You may then add custom material to certain pages, like Elementor Pro pieces. You could also use some of the WordPress features on your web templates, such as frequent improvements, pages, text, and the other widgets that are normally only used in the sidebar and footer of your blog.

Plenty of Templates to Choose From

Who doesn’t like options? Everyone does. At Elementor Pro, there is an available selection of high-quality templates that allow you to import them in order to customize them as per your taste and creativity. Additionally, the upgraded feature therefore filters out all outdated templates that one might not want to use, hence making your workload to fish for the right template reduced to zero.

Once you’ve embedded a blueprint into your page design, you can modify it by adding and removing parts and features. You may also merge several models on the same page to create your own exclusive designs. Your own pages will then be stored in the template library and reused on other sections of the website.

Complementary Elementor Pro Elements for that Added Edge

The key feature of Elementor Pro is its elements. (pun intended) these available elements work like traditional features of WordPress, except for the fact that they can be used during your page designs and customization process. Using this feature, you are at the liberty to upgrade your content with better image carousels, icons tags, Google maps, and many more.

You aren’t restricted to the resources offered in this page maker, however. With Elementor Pro, you can embed all of the widgets that come with WordPress, as well as those added to your site by third-party plugins, into your page designs. When it comes to adding material to the templates and designing productive websites, this opens up a whole new universe of possibilities.

Elementor Theme Builder Feature

This theme builder feature was added recently in the Elementor Pro plugin. The added feature gives its user more control over designing his/her website. Previously, Elementor was the only way to make personalised post and page templates for your website. However, you now have the choice of adding custom header and footer designs, as well as models for other sections of your WordPress website. You may use Elementor’s intuitive graphic editor to generate one or even more header and footer templates as part of the current feature.

Review Summary for Elementor Pro

From the features discussed above, given the choice to opt for an addon tool, I’m most likely to choose Elementor pro. It is an easy to use page building tool that helps in creating custom page designs, while giving ample opportunity to unleash the creativity within. It also shows you a live preview of the designed page while you keep working on it, so that you keep a track of what modifications you might need to carry out.

Elementor Pro being a brand new page builder tool, has an added perk of new elemental tools which helps an individual to get access to innovative feature set as well as a wide range of pre-designed modern templates.

The New Theme Builder feature in Elementor Pro enhances the ability to custom layouts for other existing areas of your website. It therefore helps one to build a page that  surpasses the required uniqueness to stand out among the rest.

With the affordable pricing and plenty of useful features’ availability, Elementor Pro serves the need for an all-time essential page builder tool. And anyone looking for a page building tool must consider purchasing it.

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