Bluehost Review 2021: A Reliable WordPress Hosting

Bluehost Review 2021

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Owning a brand website is a great thing but its remarkable performance and magnified reach among users and viewers can add an edge to its existence. But, how do you generate the right type of attention-grabbing content and ideas for your website? 

You turn to ‘Hosting’ websites. With plenty of availability of hosting websites, it is quite difficult to choose the right one for your use. It is here when the existence of BlueHost should be considered a boon. 

In the upcoming sections of the review article, we will see how and why is BlueHost the best hosting website to aid you. But, before we take a step further, let’s look into what BlueHost is all about.

What is BlueHost?

Bluehost is one of the first web hosts which was founded in 1996 and has thus evolved as one of the widely renowned hosting platforms. They are a ‘WordPress’ official approved hosting service. Bluehost offers a wide variety of hosting options for companies of any varying magnitude and provides 24/7 customer support diligently. 

Is BlueHost easy to use?

Bluehost makes use of cPanel, which is by far one of the most user-friendly hosting panels available. They reportedly redesigned their dashboard in 2020 to make it more WordPress-centric. You can still use cPanel from the Bluehost Dashboard, but you’re unlikely to need it for the updated Bluehost dashboard. For your information, most shared hosting companies use the basic cPanel, which is simple to use. Hosting an account, in reality, is made easier with the addition of cPanel. All you need to do is point and click in most scenarios. Bluehost is among the few cooperative Web hosting firms that will provide you SSH connections.

You can start building a website using a website builder app if you don’t want to use WordPress (such as Weebly or Drupal). After that, you are at the liberty to customize any available design by simply dragging and dropping items onto your website. Advanced users who choose to build their website with their code will use Bluehost’s features.

What are BlueHost’s hosting plans?

Below is a list of hosting plans offered by BlueHost:

Shared Hosting- Shared hosting is an excellent option for a new site with light traffic. Your website exchanges domain services with other websites in a cooperative hosting environment.

Cloud Hosting- An update to the joint hosting service that is more dependable. It enables you to use several cloud servers, enabling your website to migrate to a new server instantly in the event of a hardware breakdown or heavy traffic.

WordPress Hosting- A WordPress hosting tool customized for the essentials requirements of WordPress-powered websites. It is WordPress-optimized and can also defend the WordPress account from popular attacks.

WooCommerce Hosting- WooCommerce is the most common eCommerce WordPress plugin, and it enables you to conveniently create an online shop using the platform. WooCommerce level of supply with all of the functionality you’ll need to get your eCommerce shop up and running.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting- VPS hosting is a step up from cooperative WordPress hosting, allowing you to have remote dedicated services in a shared environment.

Dedicated Server Hosting- A dedicated server for your webpage means you’ll have complete control of the server’s infrastructure. The disadvantage is that you’ll be responsible for managing the server under your expertise.

BlueHost’s customer service

Now and again, we all need assistance. You must choose a web hosting provider that provides assistance and service when you need it. Bluehost’s vast knowledge base includes a large library of documents, step-by-step manuals, and video tutorials. This is a big advantage for beginners because most problems can be solved easily with a basic quest.

However, there are occasions when you might need to consult an expert about an issue. To meet this need, Bluehost provides a 24/7 support center from which you can communicate with their customer service representatives through live chat or phone. This is extremely useful when you need immediate assistance from technical support personnel.

The ticket-based support scheme is one thing that is lacking. Bluehost also opted to phase out a ticket-based service in favor of a more personalized solution that includes live chat and phone support.

Some customers, however, can lack the ticket-based support network, which is extremely effective if the problem cannot be addressed in a single live chat or voice call.

Summarized Pros of using BlueHost

The first term of its usage is cheap, but keep in mind that the renewal rates are high enough to make a hole in your wallet. 

It offers a massive uptime that is the best available feature to work with, unlike other service providers. 

BlueHost is generous when it comes to storage. You can now dream to live life king-size with BlueHost.

You must learn to get used to witnessing skyrocketing traffic stats at your brand’s site because BlueHost will do the needful with its remarkable feature of unmetered bandwidth. You are now free to put an end to your dreams of driving limitless traffic to your website. 

Final say for BlueHost-Do we recommend it?

Bluehost has done somewhat better in the past, but they continue to offer dependable service with reasonable hosting speeds. They also have robust security features, a fantastic money-back policy, a plethora of user-friendly applications, and several levels of hosting packages to accommodate various customers.

If you want a hosting service for your page with unmetered storage and unlimited bandwidth, then BlueHost is the right choice for you. Owing to its affordability, which is remarkably cheap, in its initial stages of use, it adds to the brownie points for making it one of the most suitable options available out there. To sum up, BlueHost offers decent performance and is value for money, making itself a recommendable tool. 

So what are you waiting for? Your competitor websites to rise and shine? If NOT, then hurry over to bag a deal with BlueHost and drive tons of traffic and limelight to your website.

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