17 Best Part Time Jobs For Students In India 2021


Are you a student looking for a side hustle to develop the necessary skills for a stable career path and earn those extra bucks?

Then you have landed at the perfect place.

This article will share about 17 different part-time jobs that students can follow, especially in India! 

Get to know more about their effective costing, earning capacities, and skill requirements!

Let's dive in!

#1 Tutoring Jobs for Students

The first on the list is tutoring jobs. These are the best ways to earn extra money apart from doing the studies or a primary job. You can pick up your favourite subjects and release your courses on various online platforms or either start teaching online classes. 

For example: since the pandemic started, English tutors and classes have picked up the pace, and the tutors and trainers are earning vast amounts of money. For instance, new startups have emerged like lingoQ, Language networks, and Leap scholars. 

Cost: The cost for starting online classes is near zero, given you have the relevant and sufficient knowledge of the subject matter you have picked to use. 

#2 Delivery / Driving Jobs


You are wondering, can delivery and a driver make good money?

Yes, the tides had changed; now, the cab drivers and even the delivery personnel are doing great part-time jobs as per their convenience and can earn reasonable amounts of money, especially in the time of pandemic when everything was shifted online. People were ordering online more than ever. 

You can choose to be the delivery partner with companies like:

Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, E-kart, Ola, Uber, Rapido, DTDC, Dominos, etc.

Cost: There is no cost in being the delivery person of any firm or company, but if you wish to be an Uber or Ola driver, you need to have your car or vehicle with proper licensing and budgetary requirements. 

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3 Virtual Assistant (Best Part-time Job For Student)


Yes, you heard that right!

You can be anyone's virtual assistant. With the advent of technology and cost advancement, new part-time jobs have emerged with good payouts. 

These virtual assistants assist their clients and customers in, for example, tele-calling and auditing. The best part of this job is that you can take up freelancing projects whenever you want and start working at the ease of your home. 

Cost: Although being a virtual assistant is near to negligible, and you need to have the necessary equipment and tools like a microphone, voice editors and modifiers, and voiceover tools. 

Trending and Good Pay Part-Time Jobs For Students in India

#4 Social Media Evaluator

This part-time job for students in India is the new kind of evaluation which has become very common in town! All of the college students love to scroll through different social media platforms. If you are also one of them, then becoming the social media evaluator is the best choice to go for if you are logged in to do some part-time job while in college. 

Even if you have minimal knowledge of social media marketing, you are hired part-time to pitch ideas to increase engagement on social media platforms. 

Cost: Being a social media evaluator requires zero costings!

#5 Become a Gym Trainer

If you are also one of those people who are fitness freaks and love to exercise a display sports in your par tie, then why not convert your hobby into an earning procedure

Become a part-time gym trainer or coach and provide tips and diet charts to your clients. You can start at a slower pace and be assistant and coach of just your closed circle and personal clients to save time,

Cost: the cost of being a gym trainer includes equipment, protein charges, health maintenance, and diet plan costs. 

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#6 Work as a Makeup Artist (Evergreen Part Time Job For Students)


Have an interest and hobby toward doing makeup and fashion, then follow that as a part-time job. You can start by contacting the local parlours and be there according to your timings and their requirements. While you are doing the part-time thing, you can also learn the intricacies of the job. 

You can work at parlours efficiently. There is no need to be a pro at this. Mostly, this job will be helpful for girls.

Cost: You will need to buy some makeup products and other necessary tools. Also, if there is a need to train yourself in a field, then you will also have to shed some extra bucks in the training process. 

#7 Work as a Barber (Hair Stylist) / Massage Therapist

Working as a barber and massage client is another good option to consider. This part-time job requires little expertise, and since you will be working part-time at the nearby parlour and massage houses. You will also be provided with basic training. Massage has been in demand in the past few years, and people love to have one personal massage specialist so you can earn the trust of a few clients and make regular money from them. 

Cost: the money will only be spent on training and other learning processes. 

#8 Work in Retail Store, Supermarket, Shopping mall

Being an offline student, you can jump at various malls, cafes, and other shopping malls to work part-time, and there will always be openings for you. 

Being young you will have the zeal to work there and knowing new products you will be able to clear the doubts of customers very easily. If you want to look for the same job, contact different managers, and they will easily hire you!

Cost: the cost includes travelling and food costs. 

#9 Be a Tour Guide


If you are also one of those people who love to travel and seek new experiences, then be a part-time tour guide at a travel agency or become one individually by releasing your brochures online. You can always start by being so in your local areas and try fetching foreigners. Although you must know different languages, you can always start by understanding just one or two languages. 

Cost: being a travel agent or guide will need you to spend extra money on travelling and maintaining your marketing brochures.  

#10 Work in a Car Washing Service

Are you looking to do something offline as a student? Car washing is also one popular option overseas and has become prevalent in Indian as well. You Can also do this professionally at a car washing agency and cleaning service provider for a part-time role and warm up to 7,000.

In offline money making ways, the car washing service is one of the best.

Though the amount you get paid is so low, you can get the job easily.

Cost: the cost to be a car washer is near to zero except for the travelling expenses. 

#11 Get a Job in Dominos, McDonald's, KFC, etc.

Do part-time things at restaurants and cafes that are earning reasonable amounts of money. 

The best part will give you good food daily at the respective restaurants. Plus you will save money by going to the nearby outlet to your homes. 

Cost: the cost of being a waiter or waitress at a cafe or restaurant is near to negligible 

Latest & New Part-Time Jobs For Students in India

#12 Create Subtitles

This Part-time job for students is a new addition to the part-time jobs list, as we all read the caption while watching our favourite tv series for English movies, we all read the caption while watching. 

There are people behind creating such subtitles and captions; you can earn good money by doing so. If you get selected, you can make around Rs 25,000 per month working around 5 hrs per day.

Cost: is less, but you need to have the relevant software and a compatible laptop.

#13 Captcha Solving

Captcha solving is responsible for having its surfers and readers from spammers and unloading the internet users from cookies and bugs. By being a catch solver, you have to solve as many captchas as possible and earn the correct answers you've submitted. 

To become a captcha solver, you must enrol at different bug protecting sites and clear some rounds. 

You can make around Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 rs per month.

Cost: no cost but more than expected income. 

#14 Get Paid by Answering Surveys

You can help data collectors and research paper writers by answering different kinds of surveys and data collectors. You have to handstand gathering information by making people also fill out the form. 

There are various companies which give out such tasks to different individuals and pay them well. 

Cost: The cost of answering a question is zero!

#15 Paid to Click sites

Yes, you can earn money just by clicking at different sites and websites as and when required. This job is called PTC paid to click. 

This part-time job also one more effortless way to make money online with zero expertise and knowledge. 

But you can trust these ways and make around Rs 4,000 every month by working around 3 hrs every day.

Cost: this another zero cost investment idea for college students to take up. 

#16 Transcription Jobs

To be a medical transcriptor, all you need is to alert and have your adoption and earphone for precision. The task is to type as much you can with proper detailing of a prescription for the doctors and prescription writer to prepare reports and documents for them. 

Typically you can get paid around Rs 30,000 per month. 

Cost: the cost of the benign transcript will depend on the location requirements. 

#17 Become a Graphic Editor or Graphic Designer

Last but not least in the list is that you can become a graphic designer if you have the knowledge, expertise, skills and interest in being one. These graphics designers or even hired by big firms for freelancing and part-time things, and doing so can also take up their own projects. 

Cost: cost involved buying editing and designing software and one compatible laptop. 


So, above was a list of part-time jobs for students that you can consider while looking to earn some extra money as a student.

According to your level of interest and the skills in the field, you should take up these jobs and grow into them. Apart from earning money, you never know you might end up being an expert in the same field later in your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which part-time jobs are best for students?

Below is the mentioned list of the best part-time jobs for students:

  • Online tutor
  • Makeup artist
  • Coding
  • Graphic designer
  • Content writing

What part-time job pays well in India?

Several part-time jobs pay well in India, especially online marketing, content writing, delivery personnel and tutoring. They are ranging up to 30,000 per month. 

How can a student earn money at home?

Being a student and wanting to earn money, you can do that by doing various part-time and freelancing jobs like writing, copywriting, designing and social media marketing. 

How do I choose a career?

If you are a student, do part-time jobs and internships, explore as much as you can, find your niche areas, and then choose. Career in it 

How much can I earn by tutoring?

You can earn a good amount of money by online teaching and tutoring starting from Rs.5,000 per month and make more by working more hours a day.

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