21 Best Freelancing Websites in India (To Make Money)



Being your own boss sounds cool, but the efforts, hard work, and struggles it requires to make one’s way through it in order to make an established image are indescribable. So, we have curated a comprehensive list of the best freelancing websites in India in this article. But before you step into it, you are supposed to land in places that give you the desired and appropriate opportunities to showcase your talent and work efficiency. How can this be done? 

In the very first place, just as for every other thing you turn your feet towards Google, for getting into freelancing, start by looking into some job role and opportunities that you will be able to bag as a freelancer from freelancing sites.


What are Freelancing Websites?

Freelancing websites serve as both a provider of prospect role players for employers and vice versa. 

You might consider this underrated, but freelancing is an excellent way to make money online by putting your skills to work. You have the option of applying for only the tasks that you like or are skilled in.

Using these websites will, without a doubt, help you get a good start with your freelance career. They’ll help you locate your first customers quickly and win the confidence of the recruiters all along.


Best Freelance Websites in India 2021

#1 Upwork


Whatever kind of freelancer you are, Upwork may be one of the best freelance websites for seeking work. Upwork has a lot to offer people who work in web creation, graphic design, customer service, and even freelance blogging. They are plenty of job openings that are periodically updated.

#2 TopTal


Toptal bills itself as a resource for finding the top 3% of freelancers. TopTal selection process is so thorough that only a few of the thousands of applications they receive each month are accepted. This exclusivity distinguishes them from the plethora of other freelance websites accessible.

#3 We Work Remotely


We Work Remotely claims to have about 2.5 million monthly users. That is enormous. They have a lot of career openings and a lot of design-related opportunities. We Work Remotely does not sound as intimate as other design-focused websites, but the sheer number of job listings compensates for this.

#4 Behance


You've most likely come to Behance in search of artistic inspiration. It contains a wealth of fantastic work, including drawings, graphics, web design, and more. Behance also has a careers section, which has a bunch of great freelance employment leads. You won't find an infinite list of work openings, but what is available is consistent with Behance's stellar credibility.

#5 SimplyHired


SimplyHired does not charge work seekers to post job openings, which results in a surge of job prospects. SimplyHired also makes it easy to post a resume to get your account ready to launch for freelance jobs that want to be seen by prospective employers. Their career search features are also helpful, allowing you to narrow down your searches to just what you're looking for.

#6 Dribbble


Maintaining a good Dribbble profile is a smart way to advertise yourself and demonstrate your abilities to prospective customers. Dribbble receives a lot of traffic, and there are a lot of people searching for designers. Everything you have to do now is writing a killer profile and display out your best work.

Best Freelancing Websites in India

#7 Fiverr


As a freelancer on Fiverr, it can be a convenient way to find new ideas and make extra money if you can carve out your niche and specialisation. Some can discount Fiverr, but if you're willing to put in the effort required to be competitive, it can be one of the best freelance websites.

#8 Guru


Guru's work has a genuine, organic feel to it. They respect openness and confidence on their freelance site, ensuring that all the parties goals are fulfilled regardless of the position. These preferences are reflected in their work postings, which all outline the scope of a project.

#9 Angellist


Having worked with startups can be a thrilling experience. You can have more opportunities to form a brand's personality and exercise your imagination than you will for a large corporation. AngelList is a website that links freelancers with startup companies.

#10 DesignCrowd


DesignCrowd has work from all over the world and encompasses a wide range of functional areas. It's a large freelance industry with a vast range of career opportunities. Clients have the option of courting multiple designers to find the perfect match. They, like many other freelance outlets, use crowdsourcing to complete their jobs. If that's your thing, DesignCrowd is a great place to start.

#11 YunoJuno


YunoJuno is a freelance marketplace for talented people based in the United Kingdom. They were established to champion "the future of employment" for creative businesses. If you're based in the UK, YunoJuno is a fantastic freelance website to start with for everything from artists to advertisers.

5 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

#1 Flexjobs


Though FlexJobs is mostly for remote jobs, a detailed search will reveal some freelance opportunities. This portal currently has 30,000 job openings in sectors ranging from fashion to tourism.

#2 SolidGigs


If you're searching for hand-picked positions, SolidGigs is one of the best freelancing platforms for beginners. This ensures that the platform will identify opportunities that are ideally fit for the services you provide and notify you to apply!

#3 99Designs


Since you're a freelance designer, there's no excuse you shouldn't be on 99Designs. Clients will find your user website on this portal and recruit you. Alternatively, a client should hold a competition to see how each individual will handle a project before recruiting.

#4 Facebook Groups


Facebook groups are ignored as a perfect place for newcomers to find freelance work. If you know what customer you want to deal with, you can quickly explore positions on the website.

#5 PeoplePerHour


Another excellent freelancing platform for beginners is PeoplePerHour. Ensure that the site's name is a little deceiving, as it contains postings for fixed-price and casual employment. Give particular attention to whether the job you're looking for is a fixed-price or hourly position.

5 Best Freelance Websites for Women (Work from Home)

#1 Truelancer


Presently, it is ranked first among India's top freelance websites. Truelancer is ideal for computer engineers, web and logo designers, journalists, data scientists, advertisers, and other professional freelancers. They have precise processes to ensure that the customer receives their work and that freelancers are paid on schedule.

#2 The Flexiport


Flexiport is a newcomer to the freelancing scene in India. It essentially functions as an organization that links businesses with freelancers and completes projects.

#3 DesignHill


Designhill is arguably one of the finest freelance websites in India. They claim the title of the best graphic design website on the planet.

#4 WorknHire


A freelancing platform run by and for Indians. Worknhire is a company that only works for Indian clients and freelancers. WorknHire covers a wide range of topics, including writing, details, programming, and architecture. It is a perfect place to pursue decent jobs because it is open for freelancers, and there isn't any competition at the point.

#5 Ilmosys Studio


Ilmosys Studio is the perfect place to start freelancing for programmers, engineers, and digital experts. They have well-thought-out processes and well-defined procedures. The best thing is that you can determine how many revisions you're going to sell upfront.

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Final Overview

With the above-discussed comprehensive list of the best freelancing websites in India, it is thus hoped that you are now standing in a more defined state of decisiveness, knowing where to begin with and what to precisely look for to start your career in freelancing. 

If you are still finding yourself amidst queries and questions about all facets of freelancing and freelancing websites, we have curated an exclusive set of frequently asked questions to help you sort your doubts out. Dig in to find more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get paid consistently in freelance work?

It is true, once you go freelancing, there is no guarantee for money to come in at a specified time. But it is dependent upon the recruiter's swiftness in taking action to clear his/her due payments to the freelancer. 

Does freelancing demand work on weekends?

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. But a balance can be maintained if you plan your work and organize it according to your comfort schedule. 

Is freelancing in-office work or work-from-home?

Offers do come from both arenas of freelance work, but it is entirely dependent upon the freelancer's will to make a choice whatsoever.

Do you work hourly/daily/ or project rate?

Work hours are absolute to be decided at the liberty of the freelancer owing to their personal preferences and working flexibility. 

How do you promote yourself when freelancing? 

Freelancing demands self-promotion, and without it, you can not dream of reaching heights. Some of the tips to be followed while keeping self-promotion in mind are recognising your talents, channelling them into the work that flatters you in every way, and keeping oneself updated with blogs and websites on which they publish their work. 

How do you get clients when freelancing?

Cold emailing, free working, and referrals are ways by which a freelancer can achieve attention from potential clients. 

Should I go freelancing?

Yes! Though it might seem as scary as jumping off a cliff, things would work out anyway if you have the talent and eventually get a knack for it. Remember, nothing is permanent in life. If things don't seem to work out, you can always switch it up with a job of your choice. 

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