11 Best apps to make money online

Best Apps To Make Money Online

If you are viewing different ways to make money online on the side and searching for the best online money making apps, you are in the right spot. This article will present the top 11 apps that help you earn real money by spending 2 hours a day/ a minimum or utmost 3 hours in a day!!!  

Do you want to make money virtually sitting at home? We all need money as it has become an essential need for human endurance. The chances that we need cash to satisfy our fundamental necessities like food, water, cover and different proportions of amusement.

 Do you know how these money-making apps work? These online money making applications accompany many remarkable features that draw in the customers towards it. Making it more well known among them, like the security features that make it safe for genuine money transactions, easy availability and simple to utilize highlights. 

We have carefully curated a safe and secure list of the best apps that pay, even if you are just starting off. Let’s check them out one by one with their Pro’s as well as Con’s. 

Some of the best apps to make money online are:


ROZDHAN Make Money App

Rozdhan money app is an Indian app that helps you get money online by engaging yourself in news or entertainment tasks. It is the most convenient app to operate as you just need to sign up and check in daily in the app for some content. After viewing the content and playing the games, you get access to some reward points that simply turn to cash later on transferred to your Paytm wallets.


  • It is effortless to operate.
  • This app provides a guide to learn the rules of the game.
  • The games included in the app are very attractive and exciting.
  • You don’t need to invest any money before starting the game; it is free of cost.


  • The energy points provided in the app are significantly less.


This Easy shift app is really an excellent platform to build wealth online. You can easily earn money by doing some simple tasks that would be easy and fun to do, like review promotions, taking photos of products, etc. This app is both android compatible and iOS compatible. Don’t bother about its compatibility with your mobile phone.


  • The money transactions are safe and fast, and usually, the money is transferred within 48 hours.
  • It is an official app.
  • It is effortless to use, and also the tasks demanded to do are easy.


  • The transaction of money is not fixed and is done based on the task performed.


RAKUTEN Make Money App

This app gives cash backs, coupons, fabulous rewards, and promo codes applicable on many sites and can be used for various purposes. The user does not need to invest any money, and the app can save money and earn reward points using this app. To operate the app, you simply need to install it and use the Rakuten Ebates app for shopping and then use the coupon codes and promo codes that you get as a reward.


  • You do not need to invest any prior cash or money in the app.
  • The coupons provided by the app are applicable in more than 2,500 stores.
  • The account details and the transactions are secured.


  • The app doesn’t allow proper measures to keep a good check of all your shopping details.
  • It doesn’t allow you to pay for big purchases.


To make money using this online money-making app. You simply need to install it, go through the video content and watch the videos to collect bonus points that can also be used as cash. In addition to this, the app also has some questions that you need to answer to make bonus points.


  • The quality of the videos available is outstanding.
  • The app is free and does not cost you anything.


  • The process of registering and making an account in the app gets cancelled quickly.



This rewardable gives you various tasks to perform through which you can make money. The responsibilities may include taking pictures, keeping records of price information, checking store displays, etc. These tasks are elementary to perform and make money.


  • It is compatible with both android and iOS.
  • The tasks do not consume much time and take only about 5-20 minutes.


  • This is a paid app.


FIELD AGENT Make Money App

A field agent is straightforward to operate a website. You simply need to log in and look at the tasks given and complete those tasks to get the money directly into your bank accounts. You need to use a field agent for paying while shopping.


  • It is effortless to operate.
  • The app is user friendly.
  • The data is safe and secure.


  • The agents do not reply appropriately at times.


This app has a feature that allows you to get money from various retailers. In addition to this, you can scan barcodes, referrals and browse look-books to earn gift cards from different sellers such as old navy, electronics, Starbucks, etc.


  • It is compatible with both android and iOS.
  • You can make direct cash as well as earn gift cards for both.
  • It is user friendly, and various cards can be used in the app for transactions.


  • No cons found.


SWAGBUCKS Make money app

This app provides you with elementary tasks so that you can make money virtually with ease. The roles included in this app are internet surfing, watching videos, answering questions, etc. 

You get swag bucks as reward points that can be exchanged for coupons, rewards, or gift cards. 


  • The coupons and rewards can even be used at Amazon and Wal-Mart.
  • Signing up is a straightforward process.
  • The earnings can be used immediately.


  • The surveys in the app can be a bit lengthy.



This app is legal, and you can earn by just going through google play credit and doing some surveys quickly. It is a user-friendly app that helps you to make money online.


  • The money is directly deposited into your accounts.
  • You can quickly be paid by going through some surveys.
  • This app is free of cost.
  • This is a certified app, so you need not worry about any fraud.


  • This app requires a good network connection to operate. Otherwise, it runs a bit slow.


MOBEE Make money app

This is a very easy to operate online money earning app that can get money virtually by getting some business at any restaurant or shopping complex. You simply need to install the app, sign in and then search for a company, then you can go through them and take admission and then start and answer questions and complete your task. After that, you will be paid.


  • This is not a time-consuming app and declares the results on the same day.
  • This is a stable app.
  • It also accepts in-app messages.
  • The transactions are safe.


  • At times the results could freeze in between uploading and then can get deleted.


This online money-making app is a bit different from the others that are present in the market. To make money using this app, you don’t need to play games but simply take some reviews and earn. This application is free of cost and also very user friendly. You can simply sign up, pick some paid survey task, interview a client or customer online, and get paid.


  • The award money is a good amount, starting with a minimum of $10.
  • You can quickly redeem your money.
  • It is one of the fastest and the most accessible app to operate.


  • Some pending surveys that have been rejected sometimes disappear, and you don’t get paid for that.

Final Words 

Do you also want to use apps to make money online? If yes, you can try the apps mentioned above as all these mentioned apps are some of the best apps to make money online. All these apps allow secure transactions, so you can use them without any doubt. 

Do you feel that you will be cheated if you use any online apps to make money? 

  • We have ensured each of them to be sure about how these 11 best apps can help you make money online. All the apps that are available in the play store are safe and secure to make transactions. So you need not worry about using the best apps to make money online.

If you use these best features of the apps to make money online, you will surely get the desired results, so wait for what you can earn while sitting at home.

What is the best app to make money online?

The best money making app depends on your interest in tasks. If you enjoy doing surveys, then survey on the go is the best app. If you want to make money just by watching videos, then App trailers are best for you, while if you simply like cashbacks, then Rakuten is the best app to make money online.

Which app provides real money?

Many apps provide you with real money. Some of those are Swagbucks, Google opinion awards, branded survey, App trailers, etc.

Can I use these apps 24/7, or do they have a fixed period for usage?

Most of these apps can be used 24/7 for making purchases and performing tasks. Still, some apps provide such tasks that could only be performed in a given time, so you need to take care of the task that is assisted to you to make money online.

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