Astra WordPress Theme Review 2021

Astra Theme Review 2021

Planning to build a website? 

But confused, where to start from, which theme to pick, and how to develop a website from scratch?

Then you have arrived in the ideal spot.

In this article, we will talk about one Perfect Theme that is suitable for every website. Whether you are planning to make one for your business, personal blog, portfolio, online shops: Astra WordPress Theme is the theme for you. The Astra theme has everything that you need to build your dream website coming with millions of features.

There are numerous themes available in the market to choose from. It becomes a tedious task to go through every theme and take care of the cost-benefit analysis. But, if you decide to go with Astra, there is no need to worry about the costs because it is entirely free of charge!

Yes, you heard that right!

Astra is one WordPress theme that has everything at zero pricing. With more than 1 million subscribers every day, it has incredible WordPress plugins and supports tags. The theme comes in with lots of options and varieties. There is always an option to go for the pro version to enroll more of them. 

Therefore, in this study, we will present the reviews, benefits, and functionality of the Astra WordPress theme:

Content of The Article:

  1. Introduction 
  2. Benefits of using Astra Theme 

            2.1 Customization

2.2 Integration

2.3 Extremely Cheap

2.4 Performance

  1. How to Get Started with The Theme

          3.1 Have a Starter Site

            3.2 Choosing the Template

             3.3 Astra Pro

  1. Final thoughts about the theme 

Benefits of Using Astra Theme 

The Astra theme has created a buzz in the website and theme market. The website built using such a theme will be loaded in less than half a second, being extremely lightweight. The best part of using Astra is that it is incredibly versatile. It can literally be used to make any kind of website from fashion to retail selling.

Some of the significant benefits are enlisted below:

  1. Customization:

Astra is a WordPress theme supported by Astra WordPress page builders, who are pretty popular in the market. Giving full access to the customers and allowing them to design their website page-by-page. Even if you don’t have any technical experience using the setting box and WordPress customizer, you can achieve your targets, following a step-by-step approach. 

  1. Integration 

Astra is an open-source website where there is no need to write any code and look after the front-end website development. 

If you require to review the code, you can always go to GitHub and see the code. 

The added advantage is that you can integrate the Astra theme with external plugins with built-in WordPress compatibility and page builders, such as Elementor, Worddash, etc. 

  1. Extremely Cheap 

Being free of cost, Astra is the cheapest source for building a website from scratch. Being code free there is no such theme in the market that can provide such great options all free of cost. 

With Astra, There is always an option for more!

Suppose you get bored of the features available for free at Astra. In that case, you consistently enroll in Astra Pro at minimal pricing, starting at just $59, having access to unlimited open-source websites and themes. 

  1. Performance 

You can’t ignore the performance of Astra Theme. The site gets loaded in seconds. If you look for themes at WordPress, you will find that Astra is the fastest loading theme available there, being extremely robust. 

Coming with a highly light code, Astra performs under 50KB.  

How To Get Started with Astra Theme:

  1. Have a starter site 

The first and foremost step for using Astra or any theme for WordPress is to have a preinstalled starter site.

These starter sites are readily available on google, and you can install them before getting started. One of the examples of starter sites that are compatible with Astra WordPress themes is Elementor. 

After Choosing the starter site on Astra, you need to pick the type and number of web pages you want to have. 

  1. Choosing the Template

Once you have installed Astra and a compatible starter site, you are good to go to choose the template you wish to have all over your website. There are various options available on the website of WordPress itself. You can also pick the toolbox and customize the templates yourself. 

With such a plethora of options available, don’t get overwhelmed by designing. You have always thought your website would look like; choose the perfect theme, font, boxes, headers, etc. 

  1. Astra Pro

Suppose you don’t feel satisfied with the options available in the accessible version of Astra. In that case, there are many upgraded and better features available in the Astra Pro. Having numerous features and advanced tags, you can add more headers, footers, fonts, spacing, and color. 

And don’t worry about technicality. Every feature comes in with a built-in demo of how to use it.  

Final Thoughts About the Theme Astra and Review:

Astra WordPress theme is undoubtedly a fantastic option available online to build any kind of website from scratch. It is such a theme that fits in every type and genre of website, promising desired results. 

Being highly personalized, easy, and customizable, one can never be disappointed at ease it provides to the customers.

Usually, all Astra users convert their subscriptions to Astra Pro because of the minimal pricing and exciting features it offers. 

The popularity of the theme has grown exponentially from 4,000 users to more than 1 million users. The numbers and different types of reviews on are all positive and growing as well. Being extremely functional and fast, every site built by the Astra theme had something to offer. This granted everyone who wanted to make a site on their own for any kind of purpose. 

Having the real-time customizer, totally personalized, free of cost, hassle-free integration, Pro features, etc., are all the added advantages. The Astra Theme has successfully maintained a 5-star rating it has been launched in the market.

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