Hey, I’m Vishnu

About Me

If you’re a college student, frustrated employee, freelancer, working mom or an expert in any field who wants to build an online business to make money online – but don’t know how or where to start this blog is for you.

You are in the right place!

Unlike other blogs that focus on different online businesses, here is where we focus only on Profitable Online Businesses, skills, tools, useful resources to help you build successful Online Business.

I’m here to share actionable step by step in-depth blog posts on Online Business Skills, Tools and Resources that make your Online Business Journey Simple.

I am an online entrepreneur, digital marketer, foodie, blogger, who specializes in Online Business Skills, Tools and Resources that help bloggers, frustrated employees and college students to Start Making Money Online.

[Here, you will see only actionable steps that work. No Scams, No Shortcuts]

I love everything Online Business, blogging, and digital/content marketing and find happiness in my work (startup). I enjoy collaborating and teaching, new employees and fresh graduates with what I learn and share all my experience on digital marketing, content marketing, sales and marketing, designs, business skills, Automation Tools that are required in the present digital world.

More About Me…

I am a Business Graduate of Aston University, Birmingham. After graduation, I came to India and wanted to start my own business. This is the same reason I studied Business Management after Graduation from YPR College of Engineering.

I am not sure where to start and how to start a business and this is back in 2010 where you do not see the kind of love and support for a startup.

To start with I worked as a corporate sales executive in Hospitality Industry for the simple reason that my professors at my business school thought me sales is the heart of any Business which is true. So, I went on to experience and learn sales for a couple of years in my early days as an employee.

Now, I am working in a food tech startup where I am responsible for Go to Marketing Strategies, Sales and Online Marketing.

Before this, I failed at a startup and lost almost all of my savings. Even lost the money I got from my parents and friends (I am lucky and blessed to get support from my friends and family). But I learned valuable lessons and skills such as digital marketing, product design, content marketing, and so much about business building that I could not learn from my business degree.

You will see me writing articles on below topics:

  1. Skills, Tools, and Resources to start an Online Business on Your Own with minimum to No Investment.
  2. How to start an online business and make money. [Blogging and Affiliate Marketing]
  3. Support, motivation, actionable tips, and helpful business ideas on what to start and how to find and grow the profitable online business.
  4. Build an online business while you are at college or without quitting your job and believe in solving real-time problems so that you can be confident about what you want to do in online space.

Why I write [I do not want you to spend more money and time to be successful online]

The start-up affair with Internet Business was a life-changing experience which made me realizes many truths about life, people skills, relations, networking and how to build a business from scratch by learning, reading and keep motivated every day.

  • Gives me happiness and relief from my other works
  • Nothing is more satisfying helping fresh graduates, people seeking extra income and small businesses succeed.
  • I do not want you to make the same mistakes that I made in my online business [Overwhelming information, spending money on useless courses and systems, wasting time on only learning not on taking actions]
  • Finally, this blog gives me an opportunity to interact and speak to awesome people and make real connections.

I am learning key skills and exploring new tools to solve real problems working in a startup environment and the same lessons I want to pass to you. And my mission is to share this formula or experience with you for Free.

If you are planning to start an online business sooner or later following resources will help you.

Any question? Mail me your details. I will be more than happy to assist you.