Startup Experiments

Hey, I have gifted an Online Business Idea to my friend this Friendship Day. Who is an expert and has 8 years of domain knowledge on Embedded systems and IoT.

My friend is looking for extra income and he has put some questions for me on how to start Online course business and what are all the things that he needs to before starting up.

I decided to write a blog that will help people like him who are experts in the specific domain. Here is the link if you are also like my friend who has expert domain knowledge.

The domain name I have picked for his domain expert niche is (also gifted domain name with one-year hosting space for this Friendship Day)

Startup Experiments:

I am working on 4 Business Ideas as part of my Online Business Startup Experiments for next 6 months.

I will share all the business insights through

More about start-up Experiments on my Blog.

  • (need an intern to support on copywriting work for this startup experiment)
  • (4 hours work week for experts- On Demand Jobs)
  • (a nonformal education blog where I will write how I am preparing myself to encourage my kid to learn through application. (This is a long-term project. Now, my kid is 6 months old)
  • ( a blog for college students, mompreneurs and online money making folks)

Other Online Business that I will cover…

  • (IoT online training with Rasberry pie and Arduino)
  • (let you know insights from my friend) it’s a digital marketing consultancy business)

A sample Business Idea [Blogging as a Profitable Business] from scratch to execution is written as a blog post.

If you notice all are the profitable and different Business Ideas that work well in 2017.

I am strictly committed to work only for 4 hours a week on each project.

For the first couple of months, I have a tight schedule.

Recently, as part of my startup experiments, I have started an affiliate marketing website. [with only Rs.3000]

I am going to share all my experiences with 10 blog posts how easy to set up an affiliate marketing website and start earning money online if and only if you switch off from learning and start taking actions one at a time.

More on the Startup Experiments I will update here soon.

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