How to start an Online Business with less investment and basic Internet skills

Online Businesses with no investment

Do you want to start an Online Business?

  • To Earn Extra Money Online. [with the option of keeping your full-time job intact]
  • To Make Full-time money for living and quit the job.
  • You are passionate to start a business, share knowledge/experience and make name for yourself in the process.
  • Simply to solve problems [your own or others] and make a difference to your present lifestyle.
  • You have free time and want to utilize the time to do something on your own.
  • You want to start an online business, but don’t know what to do next?
  • You have less than Rs.20, 000 and want to start an online business?

Starting an Online Business even if you are technically challenged, have minimum investment and you know little about how things work online is now easy.


Bitter Truth: Only 1 in 5 earns money online for a living.

Do you want to be that one smart and action taking person who earns money online?

Bonus: [Included in this post]

Getting started with Online Business

What are the major areas in which online business fail?


What should you be doing?

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Know Yourself Better before You start dreaming of Making Money Online.

Know Yourself better to Make Money Online

Online Business Success always starts with ‘YOU’

So, it is very important to know more about you before you want to know about your customers, market and product/service offerings.

And it’s ‘YOU’ one and only ‘YOU’ who will Break or Make Your Online Business.

Ask These Questions to Yourself:

Who am I?

  • Your Purpose of Starting up Online Business
  • Your Status of Skills, Knowledge, Expertise, and Resources
  • Do You have a very clear Frame of Mind
  • You have put some time to Know Yourself Better [Take actions, consistency, and commitment]
  • Time, Money and Support you have from family.

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A Guide to Why Blogging is a Profitable Business Idea in 2020


Updated on November 25, 2018

This is a start to a series of posts that I will publish as part of my Startup Experiments Initiative to make Online Business Startup Folks comfortable in taking Online Business as a serious side project.

Many of You might have following questions [you’re not alone]

Do you have a start a Blog to do list for a long time?

Are you skeptical about making money online by Blogging?

Don't you have any idea of what and where to start with Blogging?

Have you ever felt like your 9-5 job sucks and want to start blogging? And You ask will I be able to make a Living out of it?

If This is what You feel about Blogging. [You will find valid reasons and a quick way to start a blog in this blog post]

Today, I’m going to show you some really important things you need to know before you get started with Blogging, the most effective strategies step by step, and skills and resources to help you with.

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40 Free Business Tools Used by Top Companies and Professionals.

Free Internet Business Tools

Updated on 15 June 2018

If you just started an Online Business or thinking of one. Soon or later you worry about Productivity, Progress, and minimum Resources at your disposal to help to do things fast.

You will be demotivated and doubts crap in on your abilities. You feel lonely and one man short, You will identify some skills missing in you such as to produce great designs, implementing digital marketing campaigns on time or you have little knowledge on SEO etc.

But here’s the kicker: You are not alone…

You do not have to worry for any of the situations mentioned above as you have equal access to following Internet Business tools for free same as the big companies have. Continue reading


The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business in 2020